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{Review} The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne


The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne

Kindle Edition, 349 pages

Published August 13th 2015 by Fire Quill Publishing

~Rating: 3.5/5 stars~

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Her Destiny is to rise above her fall.
You cannot know what light is, if you have not experienced darkness.
Ava and her people have been exiled to the planet Poseidon for reasons she can’t fathom.
Upon meeting a boy from a different sector, her life turns into beautiful chaos. She begins to feel things she isn’t allowed to, this motivating her to find out the truth about why her kind are so different, and why the Council are so interested in her.
Once her mind is freed, with it comes a terrible power that could either save her kind, or destroy them all.
But Eva is not the perfect heroine. She will become what she hates to save the ones she loves, and the cost of such a burden is deadly at best.


~This copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review~

This book is great for fans of fantasy that really like to explore new worlds. 

The Broken Destiny is a book about change and finding a place in the world. A long time after when Earth was destroyed, Poseidon is the new resident planet for human beings, along with others; the local Zulus and Minoans. The story follows Ava, one of the third generation Broken living on Poseidon after the destruction of Earth.  Ava, our main character, is starting to Change, and this isn’t a good thing, well at least to some. Ava always knew she is different from others, third generation of the broken whose bloodline came from both human and Minoan. After surviving an attack from Zulus and rescued by a handsome Minoan warrior, she was brought to Minoan village where she begins to discover more about her origin and the prophecy that can change fate of the whole planet.  I had mixed feelings about Ava, she’s self-centered which drew away from reading and enjoying the book. What kept me wanting to read more was the actual plot and secondary characters… 

The world that the author created is complex, but really interesting. I wanted to learn even more about it than we did, I feel like there are many things that could be improved.  Overall, this is a good start to the Broken series, I can’t wait to explore her world more in the next book. Nevertheless, this story is extremely creative and unique. I recommend it!


~Author Bio~

PictureCarlyle is a best selling South African award wining author, with a flair for mixing genres and adding loads of drama to every story she creates. she has traveled the world with her books in hopes of connecting with all kinds of book loving people, to learn as much as she can from other book cultures with the hopes of bringing the knowledge back to her home country.
For now she is happy to take over the world and convert non Sci-fi believers.
Her goal as an author is to touch people’s lives, and help others love their differences and one another by delivering strong messages of faith, love and hope within every outrageous world she writes about.

“I love to swim, fight for the trees, and am a food lover who is driven by my passion for life. I dream that one day my stories will change the lives of countless teenagers and have them obsess over the world literacy can offer them instead of worrying about fitting in. Never sacrifice who you are, its in the dark times that the light comes to life.”

Carlyle uses writing as a healing tool and that is why she has started her very own writers support event – SAIR bookfestival.
“To be a helping hand for those who strive to become full times writers, editors, bloggers, readers and cover artists – its a crazy world out there you don’t have to go it alone!”
follow @CarlyleL for all the crazy updates on all things me.

Founder of SAIR Book Festival
Co Founder of Fire Quill Publishing.
Founder of Help build a library in South Africa.

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Teaser Tuesday (#38)


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The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne
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“With him I couldn’t be anything but myself and that scared the crap out of me, because I had never existed like that before.”


“With him I couldn’t be anything but myself and that scared the crap out of me, because I had never existed like that before.”


“You cannot know what light is if you have not experienced darkness.
How could you know what happiness feels like if you know not what it means to be sad?
Right does not exist without wrong Hate exists because there is love.
You are either driven by fear or love.
To love is not to fear.
It is to be godly.”



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