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Book Blitz ~ The Square by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain: Excerpt + Giveaway!


The Square
by JA Huss, Johnathan McClain

(Shape of Love, #2)
Publication date: January 29th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Against all odds we found each other.
And then a single moment of betrayal ripped it all away.
I thought Christine had forgiven me. I thought we’d moved past it. I thought she’d healed.

I loved them both and they loved me.
But then Danny left and our triangle was broken.
So was I really that surprised when Alec put it back together again?

We are meant to be together. We all know that.
But what did Alec do after I left?
What could he have possibly done to make Christine want revenge?

The Square is book two in The Shape of Love series collaboratively written by New York Times Bestselling author, JA Huss and actor/screenwriter, Johnathan McClain.

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The betrayal is still fresh. The lapse in loyalty still real.

And I need him to forget.

But even though he’s not pushing me away, and that’s a good sign, and I know with such certainty that we will be together tonight, he’s not embracing it the way I need him to.

So I say, “Danny…” Because I need to tell him this. I need to explain everything. But the words I need leave me in that moment and the whole act is just another bit of unfinished business.

“Christine,” he says, his voice low and throaty as he kisses me again. His mouth opens up and his tongue slides up against mine. And I expect him to say something like… I want to fuck you now. Or, Everything will be OK. Or, Take off your clothes.

Or maybe he’ll just rip this little dress off my body, toss it overboard, and throw me down onto the overstuffed pillows of the deck couch and make me obey him.

But he says, “You need to lower your expectations.”

And I don’t know why, because this is not the way this night should be going and that should worry me, but I laugh.

“I’m serious,” he says, his fingertips slipping under the strap of my dress and dragging it over my shoulder, leaving it like that. Unfinished, just like I left his shirt when I started the process of unburdening him. He looks down at me, his blue eyes catching the moonlight, making them sparkle in that supernatural way. Convincing me that he’s wrong. That he is my hero. Even though he says, in the same moment, “I’m no hero. You know what comes out when you poke me. Blackness.”

I stop breathing and study him. Shaking my head. Because it’s not true. He’s the bluest thing in the entire universe. But I don’t want to waste time explaining why he’s so perfect or how I know he’ll save me—save everyone—when the time comes. So I reach down and grab his cock through his slacks and squeeze.

Which makes him close his eyes and smile.

And reach for the other strap of my dress.

And drag that one over my shoulder too.


But it’s enough to keep things going. Because the dress is loose. Just a simple shift that hides what’s underneath with soft white silk. So when I pull my hand away from his hard cock, it falls. Right down to my hips, exposing the lacy, white, strapless bra that covers my breasts. And one more slight tug from him is all it takes to make the white silk slide over my hips and drop to the deck. It flutters for a second, catching the night breeze the way his shirt did, and then settles at my feet in a puddle of brightness against the dark.

He stops and looks at me.

And I wonder what he sees. A beautiful, young woman in matching white lingerie?

A friend? A lover?

His goddess who will save him—save everybody—when the time comes?

Or… does he just see me for who I am? The traitor.



~Author Bio~

Two accomplished writers come together to create unforgettable sexy romance. JA Huss is the New York Times bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today bestsellers list eighteen times. Johnathan McClain is a veteran actor and writer whose work, either performed or written, is probably airing on at least one of the channels on your television right now. You can contact them on their website or find them at their social links below.


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Amazon


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Amazon

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Cover Reveal ~ Fool’s Errand by Ophelia Bell


Fool’s Errand
by Ophelia Bell

(Fate’s Fools, #4)
Publication date: March 19th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. In my case that was literal – I had Ozzie West’s soul and didn’t know it, but now it’s been torn from me and I will never get him back.

My heart is broken.

My three mates may try to fill that void, but they don’t understand what he meant to me. They can’t see the memories unlocked by Fate.

Only one man can help, but he’s the one man I can never trust again.

~Author Bio~

Ophelia Bell loves a good bad-boy and especially strong women in her stories. Women who aren’t apologetic about enjoying sex and bad boys who don’t mind being with a woman who’s in charge, at least on the surface, because pretty much anything goes in the bedroom.

Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her own tattooed bad-boy husband and four attention-whoring cats.

If you’d like to receive regular updates on Ophelia’s publications, freebies, and discounts, please subscribe to her mailing list:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter




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Book Blitz ~ Three Burning Red Runaway Brides by Kevin James Breaux: Excerpt + Giveaway!


Three Burning Red Runaway Brides
by Kevin James Breaux

(The Water Kingdom, #3)
Publication date: January 14th 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Sabrina London is back!

The fate of the Elemental Kingdoms rests in the hands of its newest ruler: Sabrina London.

When last seen, the fairy princess had made a deal with the King of Filth to save the lives of her friends. Now she is fighting to live the life she wants while trying to save the lives of millions. A monster, more dangerous than any other she has overcome threatens both the human and non-human world.

How will she restore the balance?

Despite the risks, Sabrina enlists the aid of one of her people’s biggest rivals. She has spun a complex web of lies and deception, now trying to gain her freedom, unaware that everyone she allies with has their own plans.

THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES is the action-packed third and final book in The Water Kingdom Series, following TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES and ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL.

Goodreads | Amazon



Chapter 1 – Perfect Body Double

There was a time when Sabrina London lived for this—the loud, thumping music, the bright, pulsating lights, the scent of perfume mixed with sweat—but that was then, not now. Crazy, just how much could change in six months—seemingly everything.

This was her first time back in civilization. Fitting that it was the hottest spot in Los Angeles on one of, if not the biggest, nights to party: Club Afterlife on New Year’s Eve.

Every year, the club hosted one of their famous masquerade balls. This year’s theme was Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death.”

Sabrina blended in, just another partygoer draped in a loose, crimson robe, with a stark white, full facemask on. The disguise allowed her to witness the events of the night anonymously.

She may have been there in secret, but she was not there alone.

Her partner had circumnavigated the long lines and gained entrance to the club with ease, then singled out her target and made her move. After months and months of development, the plan was finally in motion.

Sabrina watched from across the crowded club. Her double had done a good job, maybe even too good a job. Jackson had been easily seduced.

Her double had commandeered a VIP booth and then slyly fucked a man Sabrina had feelings for. Sabrina had not realized until then, when her nails cut into her sweaty palms, that she had made two tight fists—one for each of them.

Skipper sauntered back, although clearly uncertain on her heels and clumsy in her billowing, Victorian-style dress. Sabrina had nicknamed her body double Skipper for many reasons. One was to remind her of her place—Skipper was always Barbie’s lesser and Sabrina hoped the name reminded the girl of just that.

Just as Sabrina felt her blood heat, Jackson called out her name; the ruse had worked.

Sabrina waved to Skipper from where she hid around a tall marble pillar. When the girl got there, Sabrina could hear her panting—she was almost out of breath.

“I didn’t tell you to fuck him. Here. In front of everyone,” Sabrina snapped. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“You told me to seduce him,” Skipper said over the loud dance music. “I did, and it worked.” She smiled as she fixed her lace Venetian masquerade mask. “You heard him, right? He just shouted out your name.”

Sabrina settled herself quickly. She could see Jackson approaching through the dense crowd. “Fine. Time to take this to the next step. He needs to see you. All of you.”

Skipper nodded.

“He’s coming,” Sabrina’s guard interrupted.

“Already did,” Skipper said under her breath.

“Remember the plan. Get him to take you home,” Sabrina repeated for what felt like the thousandth time. “Do whatever it takes to convince him you are Sabrina London. He needs to…one hundred percent…believe the lie.”

“And if he doesn’t believe me?”

“You know that answer. Don’t make me say it again.”

Skipper nodded.

“Good. Go. Run out the door. He’ll follow you.”

“Will you be okay here?”

Sabrina made a sour face as she glanced about, like it all—the music, the lights, the crowds—disgusted her. “Me? I’m leaving.”

“Okay. Wish me luck.”

“Good luck, Skipper.”

With that, Sabrina’s double stepped into the crowd, caught Jackson’s attention and then dashed for the door. Sabrina stared longingly at her former lover as he passed her by, but he didn’t even glance her way. Even if he had, all he would have seen was another person dressed as Red Death.

“We should get you to the roof,” Sabrina’s guard urged. “Dunyasha will be waiting for us.”

Sabrina gazed at the ceiling, as if she could see the vampire through it. “She’s pacing. For someone with so much time at her disposal, she’s incredibly impatient.”

“My queen?” her guard prompted again.

“Yes, Voss, let’s go home. I’ve had enough of this place.”


~Author Bio~

Kevin James Breaux has written nine books and devoted the past twelve years of his life to crafting short stories and novels. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, Paranormal Romance Guild, and other groups.

Breaux is always enthusiastic about the challenge writing presents. He lives by the motto “Write Makes Might!”© and sees each new page as an opportunity to improve and advance.

Breaux was formerly represented by Marisa A. Corvisiero, the founder of the Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


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3x signed copies of Three Burning Red Runaway Brides
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Book Blitz ~ North Star by Posy Roberts: Excerpt + Giveaway!


North Star
by Posy Roberts

(North Star #1-3)
Publication date: January 22nd 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

A romance with a seventeen-year intermission. Love that’s worth the wait, and now a family to fight for.

Hugo and Kevin were best friends and secret lovers back in high school, but love came too early for them to make a solid commitment. College, other relationships, kids for Kevin, and years got in the way, but a chance meeting at a lake in the middle of nowhere proves the spark that first drew them together remains. Seventeen years later, life is a lot more complex, but falling in love again is easy.

In Spark, Hugo and Kevin attempt to rekindle their relationship while overcoming the obstacles of coming out, divorce, and parenting. Second chances at lost love are rare but worth it. In Fusion, Kevin and Hugo make plans to blend their lives, but bleak news changes everything. Building a future together is still a priority, but only if their relationship can survive. And in Flare, Hugo and Kevin seek stability for themselves and the kids after tremendous loss. They never expected family and friends to toss obstacles in their way, but they are determined to fight for their happily ever after.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Books2Read




Seventeen years after their last kiss, a second chance…

They’d been good together, Kevin and Hugo. Not just back in high school, but also last night. It was as if their bodies knew exactly where to pick up, like they’d only left each other a day or two before rather than years ago.

Their kisses alone . . .

Hugo pressed his fingers to his mouth, but a knock at the door startled him.

“Do you need a toothbrush?”

“If you have a spare, sure,” he said as he opened the door.

“This is the only one I could find.”

“Thanks.” Hugo tore into the package, unwilling to take his eyes off Kevin. He looked more rested than Hugo. Kevin smiled.

“Toothpaste is in . . .” Kevin gestured but then walked in and retrieved it from a drawer. “Here.”

Hugo loaded the bristles, nodded, and turned to brush his teeth. Kevin stood in the doorway for a few extra seconds but then slipped away.

He spent a few minutes brushing, lost again in thoughts of the previous night before spitting and rinsing his mouth. When he looked down, he saw a redheaded princess on the handle.

No wonder it felt so small in my mouth. It’s a kid’s toothbrush.

Hugo turned off the faucet.

“Kevin,” he called out, “where should I put this? Maybe take it with me?”

“No, you can leave it on the counter.” Kevin appeared in the doorway with a teasing smile. “It can be yours. I’ll label it so you can use it the next time you come to the lake.”

Hugo gave a small snort of laughter, liking the sound of a next time.

“Do you have kids?” he asked warily.

Kevin looked to his bare feet, then back to Hugo’s eyes.

“Yep. Two. Brooke and Finn. Brooke, she’s ten and just finished fourth grade, and Finn is five. He’ll start kindergarten this fall.”

“Oh.” That’s all Hugo managed, not sure what the hell happened to his tongue, let alone his brain. It was as if his brain flipped to a television station with only static.

“That’s why I’m going to Fargo today. They’ve been spending time with my ex at her parents’ house.”

“So you’re a dad?” Hugo’s brain barely took in a few images beyond the static.

“Yep,” Kevin said with a cocky smile. “That’s generally the title you take on when you’ve fathered children. Does that surprise you?”

Hugo blinked several times, looking into the familiar midnight-ringed gray of Kevin’s eyes as if that would bring back feeling in his fingers and clarify things in his head. Did it surprise Hugo that Kevin was a father?

“No. No, I suppose not. You always had your life pretty well laid out. Or your parents did.”

“And I did everything they wanted. I went to the college they wanted me to, got the degree Dad said was worth something, found a job in a field he approved of, married a smart, beautiful woman who was my best friend, and had a couple of great kids with her. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, but I got two amazing children out of the deal. I’d like for you to meet them. My kids, that is.”

“Me? Why me?” Hugo stammered.

Kevin laughed. “Why not? They’d love you. Not to mention, I think I’d like them to meet the man who changed my life.”

Hugo took a step back. “What are you talking about? I didn’t change your life.”

“The hell you didn’t. Before I met you, I was my dad’s pawn in everything. It wasn’t until I told you how angry I was that I stood up to him. Only on little things at first, but I rebelled in my own way. I never would’ve done that without you. After he died, I finally made the changes I needed to make.”

Kevin pressed a kiss between Hugo’s brows, causing the creases there to melt away. Kevin whispered as his hands warmed Hugo’s back. “You were so much more significant in my life than I ever let you know. Probably more than I even knew at the time. I took you for granted, but you changed me. When I was with you, I was just Kevin. I wasn’t Kevin Magnus, son of the great Peder and Linda Magnus. I was just plain ol’ Kevin, and you liked me for who I was.”

“Of course I did.” Hugo pressed a kiss in the slight cleft of Kevin’s chin. It felt natural to kiss him like this, uninhibited. “You were easy to like, most of the time.”

“That was different for me, you realize, someone liking just me.”

Hugo nodded, enjoying the sensation of Kevin’s freshly shaved skin smoothing over his lips.

“If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never known I was bisexual. Or I would’ve never been brave enough to see what those feelings were even about.”

“You probably would’ve experimented in college.”

Kevin shook his head and drew Hugo closer, pressing a kiss in front of his ear. “No. No, Hugo. Don’t you see? I already knew I was bisexual in college, and not once was I with another guy. You were it. You were the only one who made me feel brave enough to go against my father. No one else in my life even knows about this. Not even my ex.”

Hugo pulled away as he asked, “Then why on earth would you want your kids to meet me? If this is still such a secret, why risk that? We barely know each other.”

Kevin reached for Hugo’s hand and held his fingers tight. “I didn’t say I wanted to introduce you as my ex-boyfriend . . . as anything more than my friend. Geez. Wow. That sounded bad, didn’t it?”

Hugo barked out a nervous laugh. “A bit rushed. Yeah. I’m glad we ran into each other and all, but . . . I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. But dating . . . ? And meeting your kids . . . ?” He mimed his head exploding.

“God.” Kevin chuckled, flustered. “No. I guess what I meant to say is I’d like to spend more time with you.”

“I can’t believe I let things get away from me last night. I rarely hook up like that.”

Kevin gave a short nod.

“It’s not a bad thing . . . what happened, I mean. But I’m more of a relationship guy.”

“So am I.” A frown marred Kevin’s gorgeous face.

“It’s certainly not unappealing seeing you again.” Hugo stepped in close and played with the button in the center of Kevin’s chest. “Let’s not go so fast though.”

“I got carried away last night. I’ve never done anything like that before, but it was you. It was Hugo Thorson.” Kevin smiled and ran a thumb down Hugo’s temple, tracing his jaw until his fingers pressed below Hugo’s chin. Kevin directed Hugo’s mouth to his own and whispered, “Hugo Thorson,” again.

They kissed slow and sweet, velvet tongues licking into open mouths and sliding against each other, but it didn’t deepen or turn desperate.

“I can’t believe I ever walked away from this,” Kevin said as he rested his forehead against Hugo’s and closed his eyes.



~Author Bio~

Posy Roberts started reading romance when she was young, sneaking peeks at adult books long before she should’ve. Textbooks eventually replaced the novels, and for years she existed without reading for fun. When she finally picked up a romance two decades later, it was like slipping on a soft hoodie . . . that didn’t quite fit like it used to. She wanted something more.

She wanted to read about men falling in love with each other. She wanted to explore beyond the happily ever after and see characters navigate the unpredictability of life. So Posy sat down at her keyboard to write the books she wanted to read.

Her stories have been USA Today’s “Happily Ever After” Must-Reads and Rainbow Award finalists. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family and friends and doing anything possible to get out of grocery shopping and cooking.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


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Blog Tour ~ A Prophecy Fulfilled by Andi O’Connor: Excerpt + Giveaway!


A Prophecy Fulfilled
by Andi O’Connor

(The Vaelinel Trilogy #3)
Publication date: December 9th 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Goodreads | Amazon

Regrouping after their escape from the Light Elves, Irewen and her companions fear the worst after black smoke plumes on the horizon. Allowing compassion to rule over reason, they ignore Finnwyn’s warning and return to Lilendvelle, hoping to help some of the survivors stranded in the city’s wake. Instead, they run into a trap.

Completely surrounded by an endless army of Drulaack, they fight for their lives, but their efforts aren’t enough. Irewen is captured and dragged into the heart of the Corrupter’s lair.

Having his prize, the others in the company are granted their freedom, but at a great cost: the one named in the prophecy who is meant to unite the elf forces and stand against the Corrupter is lost to the world – trapped beneath the Corrupter’s talons.

With the aid of his mother’s spirit, Brendell must now find a way to gather an alliance strong enough to march against the Corrupter and his army, but his time is running out. Each day that passes brings Irewen closer to death.

And the world closer to destruction.


Irewen clung to Silevethiel’s thick coat, but her strength began to wane. She cried out as her fingers slipped through the Dame’s white tufts of fur. The connection with the spirit she was banishing broke, and she screamed when she fell from Silevethiel’s back.

She hit the ground hard, knocking the wind from her lungs. Desperate for any sort of protection from the Drulaack, Irewen tried to roll beneath Silevethiel. Before she managed to move a few inches, two Drulaack grabbed her arms and pulled her away from the Dame.

Silevethiel spun around, throwing a number of Drulaack from her body. She charged toward Irewen’s captors, blood dripping from her snout. Before the Drulaack had a chance to react, the Dame sunk her teeth into one of their legs before ripping it off at the knee.

The attack didn’t affect the creature at all. Without so much as a cry of pain, it waited for one of its fellow Drulaack to grab Irewen’s arm in its place before hopping out of the way.

Dozens of arrows flew toward the two Drulaack holding her. All hit their marks, but neither of the creatures faltered or lessened their grip on Irewen’s wrists. Irewen frantically kicked her legs, whipping them around as much as she could in an effort to knock at least one of the Drulaack off balance, but her efforts were useless. The two Drulaack continued to drag her further into the throng of the enemy.Irewen stru

ggled violently against the grip of her captors, desperate to free herself. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. She watched in horror as her friends were overrun before disappearing from her view.

“No!” Irewen dug her toes beneath the corpse of a fallen Light Elf. She pulled with all her strength, trying to use its weight as leverage to stop the two Drulaack from taking her any further away from her companions. It made no difference. She may as well have been fighting against an army of Somdyrr for all the good her efforts did her.


Her scream was lost among the clamor. This couldn’t be happening. There had to be something that could be done to stop the Drulaack. Someone had to be able to help her.


«We’re trying, Irewen!» The Dame’s voice was laden with agony. «There are too many of them!»

Without warning, the two Drulaack stopped dragging Irewen and pinned her to the ground. A third put a gag in her mouth and pushed her over onto her stomach. They tied her hands behind her back before securing her ankles and knees with chains.

«Sil! Help me!»

«Irewen, don’t give up! We won’t rest until—»

An armoured fist crashed down on Irewen’s temple, and the world went black.


~Author Bio~

Andi O’Connor is the award-winning author of The Dragonath Chronicles, The Vaelinel Trilogy, and The Legacy of Ilvania. The Speaker is the 2018 Independent Press Award Winner for Fantasy and a Finalist in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. Andi’s novel, Awakening, is a 2018 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite for Fantasy. Her critically acclaimed novel, Silevethiel, is the 2015 Best Indie Book Award winner for Science Fiction/Fantasy and the 2015 New Apple Official Selection for Young Adult. Silevethiel was also named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2013.

You can frequently find Andi as an exhibitor and guest panelist at Comic Cons throughout the country including the Rhode Island Comic Con, Awesome Con, Philcon, Conclave, and Chessiecon. For more information, visit Andi’s website at

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter



Tour-wide giveaway (US/CAN)

Signed copies of the entire trilogy (Silevethiel, The Speaker, and A Prophecy Fulfilled)

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Book Blitz ~ Winter’s Heist by Emily Duvall: Author Q&A + Giveaway!


Winter’s Heist
by Emily Duvall

Publication date: December 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Beautiful. Haunting. Rare. The Fabergé Eggs are on display at the Carter Museum of History and Science. Jason Hood, the museum’s pretentious owner, knows their value is bound to attract attention, but the coordinated attack on the exhibit is not something he saw coming. A field trip to the museum for Amara Massey and her students takes a deadly turn. She finds herself at the center of a police investigation with few leads. Convinced Amara is withholding information, Jason pursues her to get the answers he cannot get on his own. The outcome neither of them expect is their surprising need for each other. What must they sacrifice to get everything they want?

Goodreads | Amazon


~ Author Q&A~

Q: What is the first book that made you cry?

A: Not the first book, but a scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry witnesses Cedric’s death-I think I was just riding on the emotion of the series and then when that scene hit, I just started to cry. The dialogue and actions were beautifully written.

Q: What are some traps aspiring writers should avoid?

A: It is important for writers to create the story they want to write. I’ve made the mistake of letting people review manuscripts too early, and then making every little change. Feedback is extremely valuable, but there is a time and a place for incorporating suggestions and building confidence for what must stay and what should go. A writer can lose valuable writing time changing every detail based on each suggestion. Bottom line? Trust your vision.

Q: Have you ever gotten reader’s block?

A: Big yes. I was just telling a friend that I’ve been in a reading slump the last few months. I think it’s because I see the story from a writer’s POV now or maybe because

there are so many choices for books in every genre, that it can feel overwhelming with what to pick and what to read.

Q: As a writer, what would you choose as your avatar or spirit animal?

A: Big Foot. It reminds me of Indie Authors. We’re out there and we’re writing and publishing even if you can’t see us.

Q: What’s the best way to market your books?

A: Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful tool, but with social media, I like engaging in readers that I follow on Instagram or Twitter and asking them to beta read. If they like the story, they’ll do these amazing posts with the cover of the book and reach far more readers than I can do on my own.

Q: Do you view writing as a spiritual practice.

A: Yes. The heart has so much to say.

Q: How do you select the names of your characters?

A: I look up names on baby naming websites. They’re all there with rankings and popularity. Mostly though, I just look to see if a name catches my attention.

Q: Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

A: Yes, there’s always the occasional inside joke or word choice that is based on someone I know. Whether they pick up on it, I can’t say

Q: What is your favorite childhood book?

A: Nothing’s Fair in the Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements

Q: Do you believe in writer’s block?

A: Absolutely. I was at a writing retreat a few years ago and Sylvia Day was the guest speaker. She said that writer’s block means that something is wrong with your story and that point resonated. Now instead of wasting time trying to move forward if I’m stuck, I go back and re-read the chapters before, and that usually unlocks the problem and the solution.



~Author Bio~

Emily loved reading books as a young girl and filled up her journals with characters (both real and not). Romance is her favorite genre to write. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. She loves hearing from fans and readers.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram


Blitz-wide giveaway (INTL)

  • One signed paperback (Winner can choose either Winter’s Heist or Back to You, both romantic suspense) and get this cute mug.
  • Winner number two will get a signed paperback (same as above) and a $15 gift card to Homegoods (one of the author’s favorite stores)

    Enter herea Rafflecopter giveaway




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Blog Tour ~ Shadow Walker by Anya J. Cosgrove: Review + Giveaway! 


Shadow Walker
by Anya J. Cosgrove

(Bloody Hearts #1)
Publication date: January 17th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4.5/5 stars 

Goodreads | Amazon

A newborn witch is rescued by two smoking-hot brothers. Can she unravel their dark secrets? Or will she lose her soul trying?

Alana sucks at witchcraft. Healing, telepathy, seeing through illusions… she can’t master any of it.

Sparring with the six-foot-three muscular Walker brothers doesn’t help her focus. Alana’s not about to let herself fall for a man—or a demon—especially not the ones that abducted her in an attempt to save her life.

When a bitter demon learns of Alana’s existence, he’ll stop at nothing to possess her and drive a wedge between the two brothers. If Alana can’t learn to use her powers, she’ll die. If she can’t discern illusion from reality, she’ll lose her mind.

Nothing stays black and white in a world full of shadows.

Demons, witches, forbidden love… visit the otherworld today.


I’ve had this in my TBR ever since I posted the Cover Reveal for Shadow Walker sooo, when I saw there was going to be a Blog Tour I jumped a the chance, and I’m so glad I did. 

It was a very fresh, fun, unique read with an interesting story that puts you on the edge of your seat.  It’s well written and has unique characters. I loved how the story progressed and each character grew. I absolutely loved every minute of it, and was sad when it ended. And I immediately read Lost Boy, which is the prequel novella, it’s available, when signing up for Anya’s newsletter. BUT Anyways… 

Shadow Walker is the first book in the Bloody Hearts series and tells the story of Alana, whose life has just been turned upside down and she has to deal with her new-found status as a witch, with only Liam (a demon), his brother Thom and another witch to guide her and teach her how to use her powers before it is too late. 

I don’t want to give too much away, you’ll have to read this one to find out what happens. Trust me you’ll want to. This book is definitely worth the read. Out of the 6 books I’ve read this year so far, Shadow Walker is my favourite read. I’m so looking forward to reading the second book in the series! 😍


~Author Bio~

Anya J Cosgrove lives in Québec with her husband, her beautiful son, and two mischievous cats. She works as a veterinarian by day. She’s a travel and Disney junkie and is passionate about her favorite paranormal series.

What would Buffy do? Kick ass!

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