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Book Blitz ~ The Demon Kiss by Juliana Haygert: Teaser + Giveaway!


The Demon Kiss
by Juliana Haygert

(Rite World: Blackthorn Hunters Academy, #1)
Publication date: June 13th 2019
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

A young woman with a secret heritage. A man who made a deal with the devil. And an academy where the students are just as dangerous as the demons …


’ve been kept from the truth all my life. Demons walk the earth, and I’m destined to slay them–I only wish I hadn’t lost someone I loved while discovering that truth.

Now the demons are after me. The only way to stay alive is to attend an academy for demon hunters–a school where I’ll learn how to kill supernaturals and slay the underworld’s minions. But I still feel there are secrets I’m not being told …


I sold my soul to save my family–and lost everything because of it. Now I’m a slave to the underworld, a fake hunter with half-demon blood.

I’ve been sent on a special assassination mission. If I fail, it means my life. But protecting Erin soon becomes more important than any other task, and there’s something about her that tells me her arrival at the academy will change everything …


An upper young adult paranormal romance novel set in the universe of the Rite World, this is a dark fantasy you won’t want to miss! Forge your weapons and cast spells in a school where demons are hunted and the hunters themselves become prey.

Goodreads | Amazon


~Author Bio~

While USA Today Bestselling Author Juliana Haygert dreams of being Wonder Woman, Buffy, or a blood elf shadow priest, she settles for the less exciting—but equally gratifying—life of a wife, mother, and author. Thousands of miles away from her former home in Brazil, she now resides in North Carolina and spends her days writing about kick-ass heroines and the heroes who drive them crazy.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Amazon | Bookbub | Newsletter


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Book Blitz ~ HEARTS: A Twisted Wonderland Retelling by Klarissa King: Excerpt + Giveaway!


HEARTS: A Twisted Wonderland Retelling
by Klarissa King

(The Glass Queendom, #1)
Publication date: May 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

In Spades, there is a game as terrifying as the Sisters of Fate. The Hatterthon.

A game so cruel that its brick-roads run red with blood and in every shadow there are players killing to survive. The mysterious Ringmaster seized the Hatter’s once-delightful game long ago, and branded it with his mark.

The stain of death…

All I ever wanted was a peaceful life. Most other blacksmiths have no trouble holding onto small dreams like mine, and I’ll envy them for it for all my days.

Not only is my village attacked by the Heart-Breakers, in the battle I’m thrown down the Forbidden Well.

I land in the most unimaginable place, a place of true terror and wonder. A deadly game called the Hatterthon.

If I’m ever going to get back home, I have to win this dangerous game, where the brick roads run red with blood and allies are just waiting to plunge a blade into the nearest heart.

I can’t trust anyone here—especially not Night, the definitely wicked ally I picked up along the way.

I’m not sure which is more dangerous: Night, who wears deceit behind the veil of his captivating eyes, or the greatest threat in the game—the Ringmaster. All I know is, I have to strike down my ally before he turns on me and breaks much more than my bones.

Because only one can win the Hatterthon.

Before I lose myself to the madness…

In Spades, kisses taste like sweets and wine, and only when they end do you taste the poison on your lips.

Hearts is a Wonderland retelling (Hold the Alice!) and is the first in the Glass Queendom Duology. The sequel, Spades, The Glass Queendom, will be released later this year.

HEARTS is no longer a part of the Feared Fables series.

Goodreads | Amazon


In a time that I felt nothing, Night made me feel something.

When he drew back, I let myself look into his eyes. Hunger burned back at me in those flickering purple hues.

I could have asked him again why he was here. But scraping through the inner workings of my mind didn’t seem worth it in the face of him—a face so striking that the flutter of my stomach reached up to my chest.

In all the horror and destruction around me, I only saw him. I stood with him, his fingertips dancing down to the waist of my skirt, and I felt every nerve in my body strike back against the numbness.

I didn’t care how, but he made me feel, and that was something I had a desperate urge to cling to.

Setting my skin alight, Night pushed up the hem of my blouse, fingertips grazing my pebbled skin.

My breath caught as he yanked me against him, a sudden ferocity in his dark eyes. All hesitation was snuffed out of me with that one, starved look, and my entire resolve came crashing down around me.

My hand found a fistful of his hair. I slammed my lips against his. A shudder set me alight as he tore down the front of my blouse with a single tug.

The agony in my heart threatened to drown me, drag me down into the abyss. I found air in him. And I consumed it.

~Author Bio~

When not writing, Klarissa can be found in bed poring over a great new release, or reluctantly walking her demanding dogs who pretty much run the house.

She is the writer, Isla Jones. Isla uses the pen-name Klarissa for fantasy, while using Isla Jones for her darker, grittier horror works to help separate the styles and genres for her readers.

To contact Klarissa King, find her here:

For Isla Jones’ author page, click here:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Book Blitz ~ Crashing Together by Lyssa Cole: Excerpt + Giveaway!


Crashing Together
by Lyssa Cole

Publication date: May 30th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

It’s an age old story….
A summer fling….
A temporary thing…
His name was Cole and I couldn’t resist him. He was everything a girl could want in a summer romance. A hot, tanned, surfer with blonde hair and blue eyes… oh and let’s not forget about all those muscles and the six-pack I couldn’t stop staring at.
We agreed to just sex. Lots of sex. Lots of fun. No titles, no relationship, and certainly no love.
Until the sex started to feel like something else.
Something more..
Something way more…
But for him?
It was still just sex.
Until it wasn’t.
Until everything we didn’t mean to build unraveled in a heap of secrets, lies, and broken trust.
We came crashing together but will our summer fling survive the waves?

Goodreads | Amazon


“How about I teach you to paint and you teach me to surf?”

Cole fake scoffs and I wish I had another pen to throw at his head but in stead I stick my tongue out like a five year old. “You? Surf?” He teases which earns him a face. “You know it’s not boogie boarding right?”

I roll my eyes with a smile on my face. “Of course I know it’s not. It can’t be much different.”

Cole raises his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Uh, its way different there beach cutie. Who you been getting your info from?”

I love our banter. We tease each other and go back and forth, all in good fun. Working together has become easy and comfortable.

He’s still secretive as hell tho. Mysterious and intriguing.

“You don’t do relationships at all?” I ask him out of curiousness.

He shakes his head, his long sandy locks falling across his blue eyes. Could he look any more beach like? Sand sticks to his chest and my fingers itch to brush it off.

“No, I told you that.” He chews his bottom lip before turning back to his surf board. He runs a cloth along the bottom, cleaning it from his recent surf. My insides twist. Damn, everything he does is sexy.

“Addi- listen. If you can’t handle-”

I brush imaginary sand off my skirt, not meeting his eyes. My cheeks burn. “Of course I can handle it.” I wave my hand. “Its what we agreed on, right? Besides, I’m only wondering is all. You don’t tell me much.”

I want to know about his past relationships.

He’s so closed lipped about anything with his past it makes me curious. What happened?

Now he’s going to think I’m growing feelings.

Which I’m not in any way.

I look up to see him studying me. He doesn’t believe me, the puzzled look on his face says it all. “Right..” He trails off, dragging the word out in his Cali surfer accent I can’t get enough of.

“I think,” he says as he puts his surf board aside, tossing the cloth on top of it, “it’s time we remember one of the reasons why we’re hanging out.”

My core clenches, my body tingling. I dart my tongue out and lick my lip as he leans closer, erasing the space between us.

His scent fills my nose, sweat and salt and a bit of only him, the bit that drives me the most crazy. It’s sweet and musky and utterly fuckable.

~Author Bio~

Lyssa Cole has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Escaping into a story is her favorite pastime. Wanting to be a writer for a couple years, she is now crafting her own stories. She loves to write sweet & sexy romance with lots of heat and some suspense to keep you guessing and wanting to turn that page! She lives in Southeastern Mass with her two kids and two dogs. Lover of coffee, all things chocolate, & always the avid reader, you can keep up with Lyssa Cole by subscribing to her newsletter here:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter


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Blog Tour ~ Hunt of the Gods by Amy Braun: Review + Giveaway


Hunt of the Gods
by Amy Braun

(Areios Brothers #2)
Publication date: June 4th 2019
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Two months have passed since Derek Areios—war-scion and heir of Ares—and the band of rogue scions he’s aligned with recovered both the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Heart of the Devourer and returned them to the Gods. During the battle, Derek discovered he could control not only the element of fire, as all war-scions can, but also the dark element “aether,” making him the only scion alive to wield two types of elemental magic.

Commanded by Zeus to retrieve the Trinity Weapons and the Shards of Cronus, Derek and the rogue scions are thwarted in their goal by a gang of water-scions with a grudge against one of the rogues—Thea, heir of Poseidon. Both groups travel to an uninhabited island to recover one of the Shards––the Eye that belonged to Cronus, King of the Titans. But what they encounter will lead them down a path of brutal betrayals, hard truths, painful memories, and desperate actions.

With angry and impatient gods breathing down his neck, a curse that allows Ares to control him, a prophecy he’s desperate to avoid, a magic spear corrupting his thoughts, and two forms of elemental magic, Derek has a lot of baggage—and a lot of power. Will the price of using that power to satisfy the Gods be too much for him to pay?

Mythological monsters, explosive magic, and devastating truths take center stage in the second novel of the action-packed AREIOS BROTHERS series from Amy Braun.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


Hunt of the Gods is the second book in this series, and wow I am loving this series so far! I definitely liked this one way better than the first. 

Hunt of the Gods takes place two months after book one. War-scion Derek Areios and the rogue scions continue their quest to find the Trinity Weapons and the Shards of Cronus.  A LOT happens in this one,  I don’t want to give any spoilers, but if you do pick up this series you won’t be disappointed.  It was fast paced, action packed, and had great character development. The plot is clever and I LOVE all the twists. I think my favourite part was the Union of the Seas Festival, it was so unique and creative. Also, the politics among the gods was very intriguing. 

Greek mythology has always been so interesting to me, all the stories I used to be told, and have read. I loved the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, so I was soo excited when I saw this series, since I haven’t read any mythology retellings since that series was released.

I’m looking froward to reading more in this series, because OMG THE CLIFFHANGER!!! I really can’t wait for the next book!😍

I highly recommend this to those who like action-filled urban fantasy and a twist on mythology!

~Author Bio~

Amy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in her early teens, and never stopped. She loves building unique worlds filled with fun characters and intense action.

When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos, gaming, struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction, and diving headfirst into danger in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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A signed copy of Hunt of the Gods (INT winner will get $20 gift card for Book Depository)
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Blog Tour ~ Realm by Alexandrea Weis: Excerpt + Giveaway!


by Alexandrea Weis

Published by: Vesuvian Books
Publication date: May 14th 2019
Genres: Historical, Young Adult

Based on a true story.

When her homeland is conquered by the mighty Alexander the Great, Roxana—the daughter of a mere chieftain—is torn from her simple life and thrown into a world of war and intrigue.

Terrified, the sixteen-year-old girl of renowned beauty is brought before the greatest ruler the world has ever known. Her life is in his hands; her future his to decide.

Without formal education or noble blood, Roxana is chosen by the Greek conqueror to be his bride. Soon she comes to know profound happiness and unyielding desire in her warrior’s arms.

However, being the king’s consort comes at a heavy price. To survive her husband’s treacherous kingdom, she must endure continuous warfare, deadly plots, jealous rivals, victory-hungry generals, and the stigma of being a barbarian. Persian blood will keep her from claiming the grandest title of all—queen—but her reign will seal the fate of an empire.

History tells his story. This is hers.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Kobo



Hephaestion brushed past the guard and followed the familiar route to the back of the spacious tent.

He arrived at an area decorated only with a small wooden desk and some stools. Hunched over and furiously pounding a stylus into a wax tablet was Alexander of Macedon.

“You must be here to report about the goings on atop the rock.”

Alexander looked up, and the intensity of his deep-set gray eyes struck him. Perhaps his square jaw and bulging forehead added to their piercing quality; Hephaestion wasn’t sure, but he’d seen Alexander use his gaze to intimidate many in the past. He wasn’t very tall and had a stocky build with broad shoulders and a thick chest. His ruddy skin, prone to burning in the sun, flushed whenever he was angry, a warning to those who knew him well to stay away. His disheveled, reddish-brown, wavy mane seemed perpetually in need of a good brushing, and his tunics never stayed clean for long. But it was his scars which intrigued the general most. He had one along his left cheek, another on the right side of his forehead, and another across his lower neck. Hephaestion couldn’t remember Alexander without scars. It was as if he had been born that way, a gift from the gods.

“How did it go?”

Hephaestion walked around the desk to Alexander’s side. “You’re chipper, considering you’ve been up for almost two days.”

“You know I hate to sleep. There’s always too much work to do.” Alexander returned his attention to one of the numerous scrolls scattered about his desk. “What news have you brought me?”

Hephaestion read one of the scrolls over Alexander’s shoulder. “Scouts are already on the second rock. Now that we know how to climb the damned things, we should have them under control by nightfall.”

Alexander dropped the stylus to the desk. “And what did you discover on top of the first rock?”

“The family of Baron Oxyartes. They’re now in your custody—his mother and three daughters.” Hephaestion raised his hand, anticipating Alexander’s next question. “Orders have been given that none of the women atop the rock are to be touched on pain of death. The men are well aware of your feelings about rape. At least now you’ll have something to bargain with to get Oxyartes to surrender. Holding the women hostage should speed things along.”

Alexander closed the wax tablet. “Any problems?”

Hephaestion shook his head. “No. They were too afraid to organize an attack. The men and women went screaming when they saw the soldiers arrive at the top. After that, it was pretty much routine.”

“The family of Oxyartes? You saw to their comfort?”

“Of course.” Hephaestion folded his long arms, itching to tell him about the girl. “You won’t believe this, but one of his daughters speaks Greek.”

Alexander’s eyes danced with interest. “Did this daughter, who speaks Greek, say anything to you?”

“It’s not so much what she said but how she said it. Not like a barbarian at all. She had a kind of bearing, a certain dignity I’ve not seen before in these people. She was very …” He hesitated, knowing it would spur his friend’s curiosity.

“What?” Alexander insisted.

Hephaestion grinned. “Spirited.”

He could almost see the wheels turning in Alexander’s mind. He never stopped thinking or planning. Alexander was always one step ahead of everyone else. He had to be. It was the only way to remain king and stay alive.

“Was she pretty or did she have the face of a pig?”

“The girl?” Hephaestion smiled, knowing his answer would please his king. “She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Alexander raised his eyebrows. “What was the name of this beautiful girl who spoke Greek?”

Feeling that nudge of satisfaction at seeing Alexander beguiled, Hephaestion angled closer and whispered, “Roxana.”


~Author Bio~

Alexandrea Weis, RN-CS, PhD, is a multi-award-winning author of over twenty-seven novels, a screenwriter, ICU Nurse, and historian who was born and raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Having grown up in the motion picture industry as the daughter of a director, she learned to tell stories from a different perspective and began writing at the age of eight. Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her novels, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story moving and memorable. A member of the Horror Writers Association and International Thriller Writers Association, Weis writes mystery, suspense, thrillers, horror, crime fiction, and romance. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans where she is a permitted/certified wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and rescues orphaned and injured animals.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter



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Book Blitz ~ Coven’s End: Kane by L.A. Boruff & Lia Davis: Excerpt + Giveaway! 


Coven’s End: Kane
by L.A. Boruff & 
Lia Davis

(Coven’s End, #1)
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Bad boy. Alpha. Lethal.
Some say those are qualities of a good leader. Others disagree.
Heir to the Vampire throne and Lilith’s only son, I’m being forced to find a mate.
Unfortunately for my beloved mama, I found my fated mate already.
No one compares to her.
The problem?
She’s a Lycan princess— completely off limits. If that’s not bad enough, I’m not her only potential mate.
Can I ignore the pull of my fated mate to make my mother happy and take the throne?

Goodreads Amazon

The complete series:



“You will choose a mate, and then take the throne.” Lilith’s voice resonated with a finality that made me cringe. I held in my irritation and scanned the great throne room. When she put her power into her words, no one—not even me—could disobey.

Fucking rules.Lilith w

as my mother—and Lucifer knew I loved her—but I couldn’t rule the vampires while under her thumb and no more than her puppet. When I did become the High King of the vampires, there were going to be changes. The old ways didn’t work for us as they once did.

I fisted my hands over the arms of my throne. Why we were meeting in the great room to discuss my mating situation was beyond me. Mother was supposed to be gone already, but The Blood—the vampire council—demanded I find a mate first. They never gave their reasons, which made me suspicious.“Moth

er, it isn’t that easy.” My chest tightened with an unfamiliar feeling. Longing and loneliness stirred within. I’d already met my mate, not that it would do me any good. I couldn’t claim my one true mate, ever.

It was several years ago. My guard had convinced me to go to a local bar owned by one of their own that catered to both vampires and lycans. Many of the lycans attended public schools with the humans, able to blend in all but one night a month when the moon was full. The younger lycans were notorious for bar-hopping, and vampires weren’t much different.

A vampire-owned bar wasn’t unusual. We owned the night, after all, and humans in bars made poor choices, leaving us open to feed without detection or having to use our telepathic abilities. Using telepathy to mask our feeding always drained us.

We’d entered a local bar that particular night, and I’d almost left when I smelled them. Lycans. A growl escaped me as I walked through the door, my guard flanking me. It was no secret that vampires and lycans had warred since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not that long, but there were times it felt that way.

Scanning every dark corner of the place, I spotted several of the wolves crammed into booths in near the back of the bar. The entire establishment reeked of them, so I slowed my breathing to minimize the overwhelming scent of dog.

Ignoring the lycans, my guard and I made our way to the bar where a small group of vampires close to my age gathered. They met my gaze briefly and nodded their heads once in a slight bow. I nodded back in greeting. One thing I hated about being the vampire prince was my people insisted on being at attention in my presence. It was annoying. My people weren’t fucking puppets.

They were people with lives. As long as they didn’t expose us to the humans, I didn’t care what they did.

It was one thing I was already starting to change—I only wanted them to address me formally when I was sitting on my throne.

Once seated, the bartender took our drink orders and left. My guard rested against the bar so he could watch the door and my back simultaneously. “You know there are large factions of younger vampires in favor of ending our centuries-long feud with the lycans.”

Yeah, I knew. However, I had little interest. “Nothing I can do about it at the moment.”My time to

rule would come soon enough—three to four years to be exact – and I didn’t want to waste my free years worrying about vampire-lycan politics.

The air conditioning kicked on, blowing cool air through the bar and mixing the scents of vampire and lycans. That was when her scent hit me full-force, nearly knocking me off my stool. Rose water and mint, mixed with an intoxicating earthy spice that called to my soul. My body heated and my heart pulsed, pumping blood straight to my dick. What the fuck?

My head whipped around, searching for the owner of that scent—the scent of my mate. When I spotted her, the noise from the bar around me seemed to disappear for a few moments. Her wavy chestnut hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, and two thick strands of hair framed her oval face. She wore a pair of faded blue jeans with tears cut into the thighs and a black T-shirt that said, “I howl at the moon.”

She was a lycan. Fuck me.

“Who is she?” I nudged my guard. He came to the bar frequently and was more likely to know. I suspected he was one of the ones encouraging vampires to give lycans a chance.

My guard followed my line of sight and grunted. “Jillian,” he said. “She’s hot, but she’s too hot. Trouble. She’s the lycan princess, only heir to the High Alpha.”Fuck me. She was my mate. I knew it as surely as I knew I could never be with her. An ache formed in my soul at that thought. Normally I didn’t have a problem with breaking the rules and taking what was mine. But this was different.

I had to take the vampire throne one day soon and choose a vampire mate. It was the law and my future. A future I’d have to live without my fated mate. I’d never be accepted if I had a lycan as my mate, much less the lycan princess.

~Author Bio~

In 2008, Lia Davis ventured into the world of writing and publishing and never looked back. She has published more than twenty books, including the bestselling A Tiger’s Claim, book one in her fan favorite Ashwood Falls series. Her novels feature compassionate yet strong alpha heroes who know how to please their women and her leading ladies are each strong in their own way. No matter what obstacle she throws at them, they come out better in the end.

While writing was initially a way escape from real world drama, Lia now makes her living creating worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure so that others can leave real life behind for a few hours at a time.

Lia’s favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers, but it’s her home and she loves it!

Webite |Goodreads |Facebook | Twitter


L.A. Boruff lives in East Tennessee with her husband, three children, and an ever growing number of cats. She loves reading, watching TV, and procrastinating by browsing Facebook. L.A.’s passions include vampires, food, and listening to heavy metal music. She once won a Harry Potter trivia contest based on the books, and lost one based on the movies. She has two bands on her bucket list that she still hasn’t seen: AC/DC and Alice Cooper. Feel free to send tickets.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter



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Cover Reveal ~ Take Me Away by Rachel Kirwin


Take Me Away
Rachel Kirwin

(Everly Place, #1)
Publication date: June 24th 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Iris Everly is trying to figure out her place in the world. A world that has caused her heartache, loneliness, and uncertainty of her future. When her sisters and the Keller boys return from college she is forced to face some of the pain from her past but it also allows her to open her heart to new possibilities and maybe even love.

Basically, it’s a small town romance about three sisters who grew up next to three brothers. The younger of the two, Iris and Clay, have always had a strong connection but Clay’s dad became Mayor and they moved to the other side of town and grew apart. Once he returns from college for the summer they reconnect but life has a way of always tearing them apart. Some tearjerkers, steamy scenes, and great loss


~Author Bio~

The most important title that I hold is wife and mother. My husband and I have been happily married for 10 years and have three beautiful children.

As a young child I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories with the hope of sharing them with much larger audiences.

Website | Twitter | Facebook



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