{Review} Hard Protector: A Seal Contemporary Romance by Jillian Riley

15 Nov

42645927Hard Protector: A Seal Contemporary Romance by Jillian Riley

150 pages
Expected publication: November 15th 2018


~Rating: 3.5/5 stars~

My whole life people told me I grew up spoiled and sheltered; always at the disposal of my billionaire father. After a while I started to believe them. They said I never wanted or needed anything except Daddy’s approval. They didn’t know what it was like to live with him. I love my father, but he is a hard and difficult man. Then Daddy gets himself kidnapped. It is up to me to keep Foster Trucking and Shipping running. The livelihood of hundreds of Foster’s employees and their families depended on me. To make matters worse several ‘accidents’ have been happening at the warehouse threatening to shut the operation down and with my father’s captors demanding thousands in ransom I realized I couldn’t do it all on my own. Despite our explosive past, and all the mistakes I made with his heart, I had to call Blake Snyder not knowing if he would help me or not. If he agreed to help, would I be able to keep him at arms-length or will I have to risk losing my father, my family business, and my heart?


Being an ex-Delta Force Operations Specialist and private investigator specializing in hostage negotiation meant I was no fool. I was highly trained to keep my cool no matter how high the stakes or the pressure. Yet when it comes to Becca Foster and her chestnut brown eyes, all my cool went out the window. The spoiled socialite was gorgeous and dynamite in the sack. Our recent past was filled with heat and electricity. But she’s wrapped so tightly around her daddy’s finger, that there was no hope she would ever stand on her own two feet. I have spent the last month determined to forget her. Until one day she called begging me to help her. She was in over her head, and as much as I wanted her to drown, I just couldn’t let her. I vowed to keep it professional, get in, save the old man and get out. I was a pro. But how would I negotiate my feelings for Becca? She swore she’d changed, but could I trust that she wouldn’t run away from me again? Breaking my heart for good?


*a copy was provided by the author via booksprout*

Okay. This was a really quick read. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I actually enjoyed it. 

The description of the book literally gives the book away…which kinda sucks.. The beginning felt really rushed, and went straight to the point, but I guess given how short the book was…it works. 

The first chapter was the phone call telling Becca that her father was kidnapped, and well, everything else is kind of predictable. Becca calling Blake, them trying to get her father back, them trying to rekindle their relationship, hot sex. But I guess it works. There is a LOT of foreshadowing BTW, if you’re like me you’ll easily pick up on things. 

Ahhhaha looks like I guessed right :b 

Good story, with potential, just wish there was more depth, and character development. 


~Author Bio~

Jillian RileyHello, I’m Jillian Riley and I love writing steamy romance novels. My goal is to grab my readers attention right away. I’m an eager author devoted to bringing hot romances to readers. The objective of my books are to make your temperature rise by painting a picture of strong alpha males, wild men who will do whatever it takes to be with the woman they crave. My family has accused me of writing racy novels but I just sip my wine and tell them that I am forming my base.

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Happy Reading!


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