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Blog Tour ~ Awakened by Dot Caffrey: Review + Giveaway!


Awakened by Dot Caffrey

(The Power Trilogy, #1)

Published by: Acorn Publishing

Publication date: August 31st 2018

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Power and Prophecy!

Seventeen-year-old Regnaryn grew up in an idyllic land among mythical beings. She believes she is the last surviving human.

Her world begins to shatter when Evil invades her dreams, demanding she relinquish unknown powers foretold by her long-deceased mother. When Graeden, a young human male, arrives, he further disrupts her once-orderly life. Her emotions in chaos, Regnaryn flees the only home she’s ever known, only to be captured by the servants of Evil from her dreams. Now she must take a stand, confronting her late mother’s prophecy while also attempting to survive and protect those she loves.

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Oooo. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d like it but, this was something alright. Definitely an Interesting start to a series.The story is well-paced, and keeps the reader’s interest as the protagonist embarks on a quest to uncover the central mystery.

This is the first book in The Power Trilogy, it follows Regnaryn who grows up in an area that is completely separate from the rest of the world and she believes she’s the only human left. When she starts having nightmares about some unknown evil taking her powers, she’s not only confused but also scared. When Graeden gets into a fight with his brother he leaves home and when he decides to turn back he finds an unknown force calling him to keep going forward. When he’s captured and tortured he feels a presence in his mind that is giving him the courage to go on. Graeden and Regnaryn find each other and while Regnaryn feels confused and hurt (since she spent her whole life thinking she was the lone human) Graeden feels drawn to Regnaryn like he’s known her his whole life. We learn of an ancient force that has tied the two of them together since before they were born.

I absolutely love each character and cannot wait to see what happens with each of them in the next book. I highly recommend reading this one!


~Author Bio~

I was born and raised in New York, mostly on Long Island not “The City”. After high school, I moved to California and then did a three-year stint in the Navy before going to college and getting a Microbiology/Medical Technologist degree.

According to my Dad, I’ve been a storyteller from the time I began talking (which was at a very young age). But, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to take my passion

for writing and my love for all things magical or mythical seriously and set out to write fantasy novels.

When I’m not at my day job or writing, I enjoy creating and wearing costumes (cosplay), playing video games (though, I’m not very good at it) and watching NHL hockey and assorted other things many of which are merely time wasters. Of course, hanging out with my friends and my cats also pleasantly fills my time.

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