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Blog Tour ~ Tainted Rose by Yumoyori Wilson: Review + Giveaway!


Tainted Rose by Yumoyori Wilson

(Starlight Gods #2)

Publication date: November 10th 2017

Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

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I failed…

My name is Ryder Carter, future heir of Realm Five, Minato.

I was destined to do great things, to walk alongside my fellow star knights, as we desperately searched for the woman who would lead our galaxy to salvation.

My spirit and I had failed her once, unable to prevent the chain of events and challenges she’d faced for sixteen cycles. Then, we finally found her – alive.

Within two rotations, she’d blossomed into a beautiful rose – such delicate petals, filled with purity and life. My mission was to guide her home, to where she truly belonged, as our Princess and saviour from the approaching darkness. She was more than just our Princess; I loved her with all my heart.

But…I failed. My once perfect rose, damaged by my failures. Would she ever forgive me, her star knight who’d sworn to protect her? Will I ever get the chance to tell her how much she means to me…to us?

Only the Starlight gods can tell. Please…bring my Firefly home.

~In Stars We Trust~

Tainted Rose is Book Two in the new, paranormal reverse harem series.

Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content and strong language.



I am so in love with this series!! This book delves deeper into some of the internal struggles of every character. I loved that Yumoyori really explored the depths of these characters in Tainted Rose. I think it gave the book just that little bit extra to push it over the edge into fantastic amazing-ness.

Tainted Rose is the second book in the Starlight Gods series, and picks up where Dark Wish left off. We’ve got Mako in a coma, Eli/Elias is riddled with poison and the rest of the Knights are feeling very lost without the glue that Mako creates. Without giving much away in this review, this second book is all about the boys. Each of the knights and their spirits are given a chance to shine and the reader to learn more about them. The reader also meets Kai – which is awesome! I know there are many POVs but they were necessary, we get to look through Makoto’s knight’s minds, and their spirits minds and it really adds to each characters development. I absolutely love everyone’s perspective, I love when authors do this, I love hearing all the characters thoughts.

Once again, this is an amazing story that completely gripped from the first word to the last. Mako is just as quirky as she was in the first book. I love how we see the different spirits to each of them, plus how the Knights all have their own very individual characters, and their own histories too. We read more about Daniel and Elias’ past. I really enjoyed seeing Marcus’ dragon come out to play! Oh and don’t even get me start on Kai and his phoenix. . . omggg. Yumoyori just keeps on bringing on the hotness with these men and I seriously can’t handle it! I really feel for Elias and I really hope that he can open up to Mako soon and let her in. I would also love to get more of Azriel, I loved the dynamic between him and Stryker, and the silly little tiff that they have going on. . . I giggle every time at it. It seemed very natural to have a demon and angel bang heads and not want to admit that they actually are besties hahaha. . .

Tainted Rose had just about everything that I was looking for in this book, it was funny, creative, suspenseful, melt your panties sexy and just down right good. So much more is revealed in this book than I first anticipated. I really cannot wait to read the next book in this series! I highly recommend reading this series!

Also, Leo is back haha and just as annoying as before!! ANDDD, a freaking CLIFFHANGER!!!! Ahhhaha


~Author Bio~

Yumoyori Wilson is from Toronto, Ontario. She loves to sleep and write her days away. She works at night as a registered nurse. She has a little addiction to bubble tea and coffee but loves to workout. She has big plans for the writing world and can’t wait to share them with everyone.

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