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Book Blitz ~ Angels Fall by J.A. Huss & Johnathan McClain: Excerpt + Giveaway!


Angels Fall by J.A. Huss & Johnathan McClain

(Original Sin #2)

Publication date: March 27th 2018

Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Sometimes angels fall.

Maddie doesn’t really owe drug lord, Carlos Castillo, money. So she hadn’t taken his threats seriously. Until now. He wants it, whether she owes it or not. And if she doesn’t have it in six weeks he’s gonna take her as payment instead.

Tyler would save the world if he could. That’s a fight that lasts forever. And if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s fighting. So if Maddie thinks she’s gonna deal with an insane drug lord on her own, she’s crazier than he is.

She’s got a debt she can’t pay. He’s got more money than he needs.

She’s not gonna fall for his charm. He’s gonna make sure that happens.

They’re destined to be together. Even if Maddie doesn’t know it yet.

Sometimes your soul mate isn’t who you’d choose, it’s who you need.

Good thing you don’t get to choose.

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“Who the fuck invited you?” I snarl at Tyler. “And how the hell did you even find out where I live?”

“I stopped by Pete’s. Met Pete. Sweet guy, by the way. I would’ve imagined a strip club owner as being kinda—”

“Pete told you where I live?” Jesus. Thanks, Pete. Fuck.

“No, no, not exactly.” Tyler’s standing way too close to me now. The girls are pretending not to be able to hear him, but it’s clear they’re eavesdropping. I hope they’re better at fucking guys for money than they are at spying.

Tyler leans in closer still, and I really, really wish he would not do that. Because I hate him and don’t want him anywhere near me. Or maybe because I can feel the heat of his body and he kinda smells delicious. Which just pisses me off more because I hate him.

He lowers his voice and continues explaining how he found me. “Don’t be mad at Pete. He didn’t want to tell me where you live. Seems like a really ethical guy.”

“Except he did tell you where I live.”

“Well, yeah, but it cost me five grand.” My eyes go wide. “I mean, he’s ethical for, y’know, a guy who runs a strip joint.”

Nope. This is not going down like this. “Get. Out.” I’m pointing at the door now.

“No!” Diane whines. “No, no, no. We’re just getting to know him, Maddie! Oh, my God. This guy. Where the hell have you been hiding him all these months?”

“Where have I been hiding him?” I see red as I go to him, hands out, and slam them into his chest. The force of my push makes him step back… half a step. Maybe. “I wasn’t hiding him anywhere, you traitors! This asshole ducked out on me years ago. And when I needed him, when I was begging him to—” I shake my head to clear my mind. “And then he shows back up and thinks everything’s gonna be fine just because we fucked a couple of times when I didn’t know it was him!”

There’s a beat before Annie says, “You fucked him?” with, like, way more excitement in her voice than she should.

“Not the point!” I shout as I slam my hands into his chest again.

But this time, he grabs my wrist and stops me, saying, “Can we please talk?”

I struggle in his grip, but he holds tight. I clench my teeth and spit, “Let go of me.”

He does. Immediately. Both hands up as if in surrender.

I decide to change my strategy. Because clearly Tyler Morgan is being Tyler Morgan. He attracts people to him like a siren song calling sailors to the rocks. He knows how to play up the act he perfected long ago. Seemingly genuine, charismatic, and fascinating as he leads the rest of us to our destruction.

So I pull the friend card out and whirl around to face Annie, Diane, and Caroline. Taking a deep breath, I say, “He’s not what you think,” in the calmest tone I can muster. My voice is shaky. My hands are trembling with anger. But I hold it together. “He ruined me,” I say. “He broke me into tiny pieces, dropped me to the ground, and walked all over me.”

Annie just stares at me, confused.

“What do you mean?” Diane asks.

“He left me, Diane. After Scotty died. He left me alone. He never came back. He never even showed up for his funeral. I begged him,” I say, starting to cry. “I begged him and h told me to stop. He just went on with his life like nothing happened. Like my brother didn’t just die the most horrific death possible. Like what we all meant to each other was meaningless. So I hope one of those stories he told you about our childhood included that little fact. And then…” I continue, drawing in a deep breath, willing the strength it takes to get this last part in so I can twist that knife in his chest the way he did mine. “And then he went off and made millions of dollars. Been living it up in a goddamned penthouse, no cares at all. No worries at all. While I’ve been back here…”

But I lose it there. I can’t say the words selling myself. Because I’ll die right now if I have to say that. I’ll die.

There’s a filled beat while everyone stares at Tyler, who never breaks eye contact with me. And I really wish he would. Because his eyes are sad and hurt-looking and no fucking way will I fall for that shit. No. Fucking. Way.

Caroline mutters, “He’s a millionaire?”

Jesus Christ.



~Author Bio~

Two accomplished writers come together to create unforgettable sexy romance. JA Huss is the New York Times bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today bestsellers list eighteen times. Johnathan McClain is a veteran actor and writer whose work, either performed or written, is probably airing on at least one of the channels on your television right now. You can contact them on their website or find them at their social links below.





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{Review} Lead by Kylie Scott

19286623Lead by Kylie Scott

Paperback, 305 pages

Published November 25th 2014 by St. Martin’s Griffin (first published July 29th 2014)

 ~Rating: 4.5/5 stars~


Stay up all night with the sexy rockers in Stage Dive, the epic New Adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, author of Lick and Play.

As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, whether it’s booze, drugs, or women. However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call about his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant to keep him out of trouble.

Lena’s not willing to take any crap from the sexy rocker and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.


OhmyGawwwd! Lead is the book three in Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series. I can’t even express how much I love the series! All the characters are amazing and each story is unique with their own way! In the beginning my favorite character was David, then Mal and now OMG this guy, *sigh* He won me over!

This book is about David’s brother Jimmy Ferris.The lead singer for Stage Dive.I knew from the beginning that this book will be different. I mean Jimmy isn’t like the other boys. He’s a difficult man to understand. He comes full of baggage. Spoiled, vain, and sensitive, the way he manages his issues changed when Lena Morrissey came into his life as his personal live-in assistant. Lena is a different girl. She doesn’t put up with Jimmy’s crap, thus they were like a cat and a dog who are always at clash with each other. But because they seriously have this strange connection between them and a chemistry that is so apparent, Lena slowly became infatuated with him. However, relationship is not in Jimmy’s vocabulary so she has to hide her feelings.

“Whatever he might be, Jimmy Ferris was special and complicated, beautiful and beastly, all rolled into one.”

This book was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I absolutely loved the fact that Jimmy and Lena did not necessarily get along at first. I loved how their relationship had no insta-love. The build-up was done so well and it was packed with sexual tension and frustration. I especially loved their banters and those parts where Jimmy tried so hard to control his jealousy each time Lena is with another guy. You can expect to find a push and pull kind of romance here which I found really entertaining. It was hilarious. Here you have this egotistical rock star who is used to getting whatever he wants. You throw in an assistant who not only does not put up with his crap but she throws some right back at him and you have a wonderful recipe for hilarity and crazy antics. Admittedly this book was a lot more toned down that Mal’s book (Play); however, the band’s drummer wins the demented and unbalanced award hands down every time so a tamer book was to be expected. But that does not negate the fact that Lena and Jimmy had their own brand of funny.

“So, Lena, darling, tell me, for curiosity’s sake. When do you put out?”

I stepped closer, going toe to toe with him. He got worried then, the dimples disappearing and his forehead creasing. So he fucking should.

“Jimmy, my love,” I said, my voice soft and sweet. “I don’t fuck a guy until he has the balls to actually man up and talk to me about his feelings.”

This series just keeps getting better and better. The only thing that would’ve made this book better is if there were a couple of chapters told in Jimmy’s POV. But otherwise, it was PERFECT. I highly recommend this book and this series!


~Author Bio~

Kylie ScottKylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

Twitter | Website | Goodreads


Happy Reading!



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Waiting on Wednesday ~ Inferno by Julie Kagawa


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event on my blog; So Many Books So Little Time, which spotlights highly anticipating upcoming new releases.  Usually posted on Wednesdays.

This week’s pre-publication “can’t-wait-to-read” selection is:


17342753Inferno by Julie Kagawa

Talon #5

Hardcover, 384 pages

Genre:YA, Fantasy

Expected publication: April 24th 2018 by Harlequin Teen


From the New York Times, USA TODAY and international bestselling author of The Iron Fey and the Blood of Eden series comes the fiery, hugely anticipated finale of The Talon Saga…


What if dragons walked among us in human form? Enter a modern fantasy of heroes, sacrifice, forbidden love and enemies turned allies who have no choice but to fight side by side… Don’t miss the epic conclusion as Ember, Riley and Garrett face off against Dante and the Talon dragon clones. Join them…or burn


What are you waiting on?


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{Review} Something of Substance by Tia Souders

38397420Something of Substance by Tia Souders

Paperback, 301 pages
Expected publication: March 28th 2018


~Rating: 3/5 stars~

Seventeen-year-old Grace Michaels is determined to be thin, even if she dies trying.

Part of the in-crowd at Providence High, she is steps away from being asked out by the most desired guy at school, winning a prom queen nomination, and her parents’ approval. If she can just get skinny enough, be pretty enough, and popular enough.

But Grace is thin on the outside and fat on the inside. No amount of weight-loss ever seems enough. Convinced the melting pounds will solve her problems, every pound lost brings her closer to her goals. But flesh and bone can only hide the weight of her secret for so long.

Fans of the emotional and thought-provoking contemporary YA fiction, such as Before I Fall, Tell Me Three Things, and All The Bright Places will fall in love with Souder’s heart-wrenching novel, SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE.


*ARC provided by the author*

Hmmm.. I don’t know what to say…. First off, I didn’t really finish this book, I took me about a month to read 15% of it… and I struggled to read 80% of it…. The first couple of chapters, I had to push myself to continue. So much was focused on the food and calorie count, almost a droning on of her inner dialogue…..sooo on that note.

Something of Substance by Tia Souders is a novel that tells the story of a young girl who suffers from anorexia nervosa. Therefore, let me start off by saying that some people who read this book might be triggered to take up the habits and goals that the main character shares in order to lose weight. If this pertains to you, I would not recommend reading this novel and I would also recommend talking to someone you trust about getting help. However, let me also preface this review by saying that the consequences of Grace’s eating disorder are also very clearly spelled out in this book. She faces life-threatening consequences of anorexia which provide a real look at what happens to your body when you’re suffering from this disease.

Anywasy, like I said, this book follows the story of Grace, a seventeen-year-old high schooler that was heavier last year, but after a summer ‘fat’-camp is now finally at her goal weight, and part of the in-crowd at school. She is convinced that she needs to up her game to be more popular, catch the eye of the hot guy in school, and finally get the attention she so craves from her parents, she decides losing more weight is the way to go. The more she loses, the more in control she feels. Sadly, she loses sight of how out of control everything around her is falling.

I struggled reading Grace’s story, even shedding a tear somewhere in there, but I felt compelled to power on and see where this book would take me.

On the romance side of this book, very early on in I figured out who the real hero and love interest would be. And he is AMAZING! It just comes to show how important it is to love someone that is your closest friend. Jake is so admirable and he has all the traits a girl could possibly want in a guy. After all those years of her rejecting him, he STILL was loyal to Grace. Or should I say “Gracie?”…


I’ll be sure to look out for more by Miss Souders.


~Author Bio~

Tia SoudersTia Souders is the author of bestselling women’s fiction novel, Waiting On Hope and the upcoming award-winning young adult novel Better Than This (formerly titled Freedom Road). When she isn’t writing, she’s likely renovating their century home. She’s a wine-loving, coffeeholic, with a sweet tooth and resides on a farm in rural Ohio with her husband and children.

Twitter | Website | Goodreads


Happy Reading!



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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? ~ March Wrap Up


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly event on my blog; So Many Books So Little Time. This is where book bloggers and readers gather to talk about what books they’ve read and/or reviewed last week, what books they’re currently reading and what books they’re planning to read. This is a great way to organise/plan our reading week/month, and to take a sneak peek at what others are reading. Usually Posted on Monday’s.


Hello, bookish lovelies! 📚 Good Morning & How was your weekend?!

Sooo today, I was thinking that I should post one of these! Like I said last month, I’ll primarily be using this type of post for a Monthly Book/Review Wrap Up. Not sure if I’ll make this a weekly thing, or bi-weekly, like I’ve said I would. But ya never know.

Sooo, like I said, I’m going to share the books I’ve read in the past month/two weeks, or whenever. As well as some of the books I’m thinking of reading next! And maybe y’all can help me pick! 😍💕

Also, I’d love to know what you’re reading!

Anyways, on to the book part of this post! 🤩😍📚


~Read/Reviewed Recently~




~To Read Read~


    • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo  | Goodreads
    • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard | Goodreads
    • Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare |Goodreads


~Currently Reading~


The last few weeks I’ve honestly been sooo freaking busy, I haven’t read at all. I tried to finish reading Something of Substance by Tia Souders, but I just couldn’t sit through it. 😦 


Happy Monday & Happy Reading!



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{Review} Saying Goodbye, Part Two by Abigail Drake

31575930Saying Goodbye, Part Two by Abigail Drake

(Passports and Promises, #2)

ebook, 164 pages

Published September 16th 2016 by Pennrose Press


~Rating: 4/5 stars~

What if you meet the right person…at absolutely the wrong time?

When Samantha Barnes starts her semester abroad in Japan, she brings along a heavy load of emotional baggage. With her ex-boyfriend in the midst of a mental health crisis back home, she’d been forced to make some difficult choices, choices that now fill her with guilt and remorse. She also made promises to him she isn’t sure she can keep, especially when she meets Thomas MacGregor, an irresistibly charming Scottish rugby player. Thomas is studying at the same university as Samantha, and, although she tries to fight it, she begins to fall for him. Hard.

Life in Kyoto is everything Samantha could imagine, but, when tragedy strikes, it sends her on a downward spiral into darkness. Will she be able to come to terms with what happened, and have a future with Thomas, or will she forever be plagued by regret?

Forgiveness is a tricky thing, especially when the person you need to forgive most is yourself.


The novel is in two parts but the second part could easily be read as a standalone novel, although it follows on seamlessly from part one. Part one ends at an important and dramatic turning point for Sam. Part two sees Sam embarking on her period of study in Japan, torn between regret for her previous actions and for what she has left behind. Despite throwing herself into her studies, she can’t help but think of the future and the possibility of sharing it with someone new – ideally someone she is as crazy about as they are about her.

Saying Goodbye, Part Two had a much different vibe than Part One, and it made me love the story even more! While the first part was very much the college romance story, this second part was more about Sam finding herself. It had a more quiet, calming essence that was introspective and reflective.

Sam is a very different person in this book. Her characterization alone is amazing, and some of the best I have read. Obviously, the events that occurred at the end of Part One was going to affect her in a major way, but I don’t think she even knew how much it would impact her future. Sam allows herself to grieve and overcome her troubles. She is dedicated to learning and becoming a new person…a better person…the person she is truly meant to be. And she definitely achieves that, although not through the way she would have originally expected. Sam meets new friends, one in particular that becomes something more. Thomas was such a great addition to the story, and he was exactly what Sam needed. He helped her realize things about herself, which added to her ultimate transformation. However, Sam’s development is purely through her own doing. And that was where the beauty of this story shone through.

The setting was also so perfectly written. Abigail Drake paints such a beautiful picture of Japan and its culture. This book made me want to travel to Japan sooo bad! I would highly recommend checking out the Saying Goodbye series!


Author Bio:

Abigail Drake has spent her life traveling the world, and collecting stories wherever she visited. She majored in Japanese and International Economics in college and worked in import/export and as an ESL teacher before she committed herself full time to writing. She writes in several romance genres, and her books are quirky, light, fun, and sexy.

Abigail is a trekkie, a book hoarder, the master of the Nespresso machine, a red wine addict, and the mother of three sons (probably the main reason for her red wine

addiction). A puppy named Capone is the most recent addition to her family, and she blogs about him as a way of maintaining what little sanity she has left.

She is a member of Pennwriters, RWA, Three Rivers Romance Writers, Mindful Writers, Women’s Fiction Writers, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She teaches writing to children through the Young Writers’ Institute and at local libraries.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


Happy Reading!



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Blog Tour ~ Tainted Rose by Yumoyori Wilson: Review + Giveaway!


Tainted Rose by Yumoyori Wilson

(Starlight Gods #2)

Publication date: November 10th 2017

Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Goodreads | Amazon

I failed…

My name is Ryder Carter, future heir of Realm Five, Minato.

I was destined to do great things, to walk alongside my fellow star knights, as we desperately searched for the woman who would lead our galaxy to salvation.

My spirit and I had failed her once, unable to prevent the chain of events and challenges she’d faced for sixteen cycles. Then, we finally found her – alive.

Within two rotations, she’d blossomed into a beautiful rose – such delicate petals, filled with purity and life. My mission was to guide her home, to where she truly belonged, as our Princess and saviour from the approaching darkness. She was more than just our Princess; I loved her with all my heart.

But…I failed. My once perfect rose, damaged by my failures. Would she ever forgive me, her star knight who’d sworn to protect her? Will I ever get the chance to tell her how much she means to me…to us?

Only the Starlight gods can tell. Please…bring my Firefly home.

~In Stars We Trust~

Tainted Rose is Book Two in the new, paranormal reverse harem series.

Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content and strong language.



I am so in love with this series!! This book delves deeper into some of the internal struggles of every character. I loved that Yumoyori really explored the depths of these characters in Tainted Rose. I think it gave the book just that little bit extra to push it over the edge into fantastic amazing-ness.

Tainted Rose is the second book in the Starlight Gods series, and picks up where Dark Wish left off. We’ve got Mako in a coma, Eli/Elias is riddled with poison and the rest of the Knights are feeling very lost without the glue that Mako creates. Without giving much away in this review, this second book is all about the boys. Each of the knights and their spirits are given a chance to shine and the reader to learn more about them. The reader also meets Kai – which is awesome! I know there are many POVs but they were necessary, we get to look through Makoto’s knight’s minds, and their spirits minds and it really adds to each characters development. I absolutely love everyone’s perspective, I love when authors do this, I love hearing all the characters thoughts.

Once again, this is an amazing story that completely gripped from the first word to the last. Mako is just as quirky as she was in the first book. I love how we see the different spirits to each of them, plus how the Knights all have their own very individual characters, and their own histories too. We read more about Daniel and Elias’ past. I really enjoyed seeing Marcus’ dragon come out to play! Oh and don’t even get me start on Kai and his phoenix. . . omggg. Yumoyori just keeps on bringing on the hotness with these men and I seriously can’t handle it! I really feel for Elias and I really hope that he can open up to Mako soon and let her in. I would also love to get more of Azriel, I loved the dynamic between him and Stryker, and the silly little tiff that they have going on. . . I giggle every time at it. It seemed very natural to have a demon and angel bang heads and not want to admit that they actually are besties hahaha. . .

Tainted Rose had just about everything that I was looking for in this book, it was funny, creative, suspenseful, melt your panties sexy and just down right good. So much more is revealed in this book than I first anticipated. I really cannot wait to read the next book in this series! I highly recommend reading this series!

Also, Leo is back haha and just as annoying as before!! ANDDD, a freaking CLIFFHANGER!!!! Ahhhaha


~Author Bio~

Yumoyori Wilson is from Toronto, Ontario. She loves to sleep and write her days away. She works at night as a registered nurse. She has a little addiction to bubble tea and coffee but loves to workout. She has big plans for the writing world and can’t wait to share them with everyone.

Facebook Group | Facebook Page | Goodreads




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