{Review} Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich

12 Feb

36572385Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich

Paperback, 374 pages

Expected publication: May 10th 2018 by Write Plan

~Rating: 5/5 stars~


You may live as a soldier or face death. Choose wisely.

Solanine Lucille wants her little sister back. Eight years ago, the government kidnapped her sister Ember, stole her memories, and transformed her into a soldier. But Solanine refuses to give up. Now that she and her fiancé have located the leader of a rebel group, she believes she can finally bring Ember home. But then the soldiers raid the rebels, killing her fiancé and leaving Solanine alone with her demons and all the weapons needed for revenge.

After raiding a rebel camp, sixteen-year-old Ember doesn’t understand why killing some boy bothers her. She’s a soldier—she has killed hundreds of people without remorse. But after she fails a mission, the rebels hold her hostage and restore her memories. Ember recognizes her sister among the rebels and realizes the boy she killed was Solanine’s fiancé.

Ember knows she can’t hide the truth forever, but Solanine has secrets too.

As their worlds clash, the two sisters must decide if their relationship is worth fighting for. And one wrong move could destroy everything—and everyone—in their path.


*a copy was provided by NetGalley*

I’m sooo excited to review this! Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich is such an amazing, unique book! It is a fun but dark read. So prepare for angst and a lot of emotion. The book moves fast. From the first chapter on, there are surprises that you don’t see coming mixed with themes of dealing with depression, loss and self blame while learning on how to deal with all of those.
I literally devoured this book in one day. My only regret is that it’s over!!

This book grips you from the moment you read that first page. The world building is crazy; it’s dark and twisted and dangerous and incredibly imaginative with the technological advances the author has thought up.

It’s the year 2065 and a virus called the Devil’s Dream has wiped out almost the whole human race. No one particularity knows the source of the virus, because it spread so incredibly fast. Those affected by the virus are soldiers. These soldiers search the Earth for human survivors and give them the Choice to take part in the new society and live or die. Ember,. one of the main characters, is one of these soldiers, while her sister Solanine still roams the Earth freely. Solanine’s ultimate goal is save and free her sister from the soldiers, in order to do this Solanine joins Nightshade and her rebels in their war against evil.

The sisters are both still teens, but instead of being whiney and way too perfect girls, these two have real issues and real struggles that actually fit within the storyline. Their story is filled with death and destruction and their mental health, naturally, shows it. These characters are some of the most complex I’ve read. They often make difficult choices and the author does a great job of making you understand why they make those choices and what they must learn as a result. They are all on a path to healing in some way and the author creates their arcs in a way that feels real and satisfying by the end of the story.

I wish some of the side characters were expanded more upon and some of the battles were more elaborate. There’s advanced technology being used, which is great, but no explanation as to how it is possible that this technology is available less than 50 years from now after the world has succumbed to a very deathly virus. There’s also an element of mind control but it’s not clear if this is all advanced technology or something else.

But overall, this book is a unique, roller-coaster dystopian. A must read! I highly recommend it!


Haley Sulich~Author Bio~

Haley Sulich lives in Minnesota. Growing up, she hated to read or write books and would rather play video games. However, towards the end of junior high, she began to develop a passion for reading and writing while she was struggling with severe depression. All of her story ideas stem from her past and mental illness, which create darker themes in her books. Since then, she has written multiple sci-fi novels and short horror stories, become a Wattpad Featured Author, and founded the Write Plan book editing and publishing company.

When Sulich isn’t writing, she likes watching horror movies, paintballing, knife throwing, photography, and eating ice cream (which is half of her diet).

She also blogs about books at

Twitter | Website | Goodreads


Happy Reading!


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