{Review} Love Shots 1 & 2 by Roxy Callahan

04 Mar


Love Shots #1 by Roxy Callahan 

Kindle Edition, 21 pages

Published December 16th 2016 by Shirtsleeve Press

~Rating: 3/5 stars~

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Annoyance turns to romance turns to passion in this story of a young couple heading to wine country to celebrate their first anniversary.

When her boyfriend Scott doesn’t pack until the last second and then expects to join the mile high club on a full commercial flight, Kerrie is annoyed at the start of their anniversary weekend getaway. But things immediately get better as the two of them take in the romantic scenery of California Wine Country. That just sets the scene, however, and the real togetherness begins when they get back to their room.

Starting with a passionate strip tease, things get interesting as they realize that they were given the squeekiest bed in the bed & breakfast they are staying at. Love, creativity, and passion are all they need, however, as they enjoy an anniversary neither will soon forget.


Kerrie and Scott were taking a quick weekend trip to a bed and breakfast in Wine Country for their first anniversary. Scott didn’t pack for their trip, so she had to do it, which only served to tick her off. Then he tries to get handsy with her on the flight, wanting to join the mile-high club, but she turns him down. When he tells her that he was really excited about their weekend and the romance of enjoying their anniversary that he didn’t think about all the mundane things before hand. Short but still good. My only criticism for this book is that it never mentions her name at all. The only way I knew her name was from the blurb.



Love Shots #2 by Roxy Callahan 

Kindle Edition,39 pages

Published December 26th 2016 by Shirtsleeve Press

~Rating: 3.5/5 stars~

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New couple Evan and Sadie take their passion to the next level when they discover that all they need to do is trust each other

Told via alternating points-of-view, this amazing book takes you through the minds of a young couple as they start out concerned over what the other will think, each of them hesitating to ask for what they really want. Readers will recognize the tentativeness, fear, and caution of new love, while enjoying watching it blossom into what we all hope it will become.

This is the story of Evan and Sadie. Evan wants to try new and exciting things in bed but is afraid to ask for them, and Sadie, who faces the same challenge. We watch as the two of them slowly reach a point where they finally trust each other completely, which leads to an amazing experience that takes their relationship to an emotional and physical new level..


Sadie and Evan are a fairly new couple – just six weeks into their relationship, and we see both of them having the same kind of thoughts. They are each holding back on what they like because of the fear of losing each other. Short, but good! I did like this one a little better than Love Shots #1.


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