Revealed (House of Night, #11) by P.C and Kristin Cast

07 Nov

 Revealed (House of Night, #11)

Revealed (House of Night, #11) by P.C and Kristin Cast


306 pages

Published October 15th 2013 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Rating: 4/5 stars


The spellbinding eleventh and penultimate installment in the #1 New York Times bestselling vampyre series

Drastically altered after her fall at the end of Hidden, Neferet is now more dangerous than ever—and her quest for vengeance will wreak havoc on humans, as well as Zoey and her friends. Chaos is loosed in Tulsa and the House of Night is blamed. Can Zoey stop Neferet in time to keep her anger from escalating to full-on war? Or will someone else have to step in to take the fall?

The House of Night series is an international phenomenon, reaching #1 on U.S., German, and UK bestseller lists, and remaining a fixture on The New York Times Children’s Series bestseller list for nearly 150 weeks and counting. With more than 12 million copies in print, rights sold in thirty–eight countries to date, and relatable, addictive characters, this series is unstoppable. Now, in the eleventh and penultimate installment of the series, the action is more intense and the stakes even higher as Zoey and her friends battle to protect their school and home from devastating evil—all while balancing romances, precarious friendships and the daily drama of the House of Night’s halls.


Revealed might be the 11th book, but it is just an awesome as the first. The characters have had such growth, and with the impending war looming they are going to need it. I know this is a long series, but it one that has magic, vampires, and characters that you want to root for, and so worth picking up.

I love this book series.

There are a few different story lines and with the multiple POV’s, it helps to see how they all eventually will come together.

The war between Neferet and the House of Nigh is growing more dangerous for the fledgings and those they love, and the plot was so much darker than the previous book, there is so much death and anger that comes from it.

This being the next to last book for the series, it was missing that action and and battle between good and evil. She is ruthless, cunning and this is one seriously demented person.

Zoey, Stark, Aphrodite and Aurox are going through so many things, hoping that they make it through the change, all the horrible things happening around them so the emotions are high.

OMG the Cliffhanger. It is a fantastic set up for the final book, and I believe that is going to be one amazing ending for them all.

I absolutely loved Revealed and I am anxiously looking forward for the next novel in this series.

Happy Reading!

~Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime~


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3 responses to “Revealed (House of Night, #11) by P.C and Kristin Cast

  1. bookgeeking

    November 7, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    I was not a fan of this series, the first 3 or so were great, I could not get enough then it just slowed way down and I felt like I was trying to extract information from a stone. Also, not meaning to criticize but it’s the first one in the series, Think you missed out a number 1, when you #’d. (hope that makes sense lol)

  2. angelicreader

    November 7, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    And it is an absolutely stunning cover!

  3. angelicreader

    November 7, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Oh but I so agree with you. I am still as in love with the series as I was when I picked up the first book like 3 years ago. I was looking so forward to this one and can not believe I missed the release!


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