Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning #6) by P.C. Cast

26 Sep
Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning, #6)

Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning #6)

Rating: 5/5

The Goddesses have had it with the Trojan War. So much devastation—all because of some silly male egos. The worst of the bunch is that cocky, handsome brute Achilles. But the only way to stop a man like Achilles is to distract him with something far more pleasurable than combat…Enter Kat, a modern girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Goddesses transform her into a Trojan princess, having no doubt that she’ll capture Achilles’s attention. But can her independent spirit match the unquenchable fire of his epic rage? Goddess only knows.
My thoughts:
First Line: “Thetis of the Silver Feet rose from the depths of the hidden cove.”This was a solid read – very much in line with the other books in Cast’s Goddess series. There is, of course, a modern mortal and her bestest friend who die in a tragic car accident. But, thanks to the interference of the ancient goddesses, their souls are rescued from eternity and dragged back to the Trojan war. The goddesses are sick of the rumors connecting them to the never-ending conflict and Hera is especially ticked when her sacred chambers are sacked and her priestesses murdered by warriors. Their goal is to take Achilles out of the game so that the war will end. They believe that the spunk of a modern woman is just the thing to break past the icy exterior that Achilles presents to the world – and of course they are right. Achilles was in the model of most of Cast’s heroes – deeply wounded, lonely, and desperate for love. He was a descent hero, although not one who will stay with me for long. My favorite aspect of the story was actually the friendship between the two women dragged out of their own world and into a war – Kat (the heroine) and Jacky her best-friend-turned-handmaiden. Their reactions throughout the story were hilarious, and despite their new hard reality, they continued to bicker, and laugh, and generally support each other as friends should. I very much enjoyed the way that Cast twisted the history and myth together to form something completely new. She also offered an interesting interpretation of the whole Trojan Horse thing – one that actually makes a bit of sense if you take the magic out of it. Overall, it was an interesting, entertaining, and unique read and I have been pleasantly surprised with this new brand of romance. -Cassie @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

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