Teen Fury: Embraced by Amanda Torrey

08 Jun

Paperback, 264 pages

Published April 25th 2013 by Createspace

ISBN: 1484086503

ISBN13: 9781484086506

Teen Fury: Embraced


Sixteen-year-old Felicia Murphy has learned the pitfalls of letting the snakes in her head control her life, and she has no intention of letting them interfere in her future. She knows it’s not her duty to dish out vengeance, but, oh, the temptation…

Battling near-constant headaches bites, but with  Ryder by her side, she’s able to keep the Fury at bay. She doesn’t care that Meg, her biology-mother-from-hell, has escaped Mercy’s prison and will be playing dirty to get Felicia on her side.  What does she care about, is having a perfect night at the prom and successfully debuting the new mentor room for the troubles kids in town. She refuses to play into Meg’s sick and twisted games.  

Lines become blurred when Felicia’s best friend is brutalized. Felicia knows she could have prevented the pain if she had been willing to wield her one secret weapon. What once was black and white now becomes soiled with shades of gray.  

Will this self-discovery encourage her to embrace her craving for vengeance? And if so, will Ryder be able to accept her for who she has become?




** A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review**

This is the second novel in the Teen Fury series. It’s an original young adult paranormal story. This was definitely a great second book and as good if not better than the first book.

In the first novel, [Teen Fury: Unleashed] Felicia learns the truth about her biological parents. They represent good and evil, however in the second novel Felicia begins to wonder what is good and what is evil. The adventure continues as Felicia is forced to explore what her true nature is. There were many twists and turns, throughout the novel.

I really, really, really enjoyed it. A quick, fun read that I absolutely could not put down! I highly recommend it. Can’t wait to read more from this author!!

Happy Reading!

-Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime



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