Haunted (Women of the Otherworld #5) by Kelley Armstrong

25 May
Haunted (Women of the Otherworld, #5)
Haunted (Women of the Otherworld #5)
by Kelley Armstrong 
Rating: 5/5

Eve Levine — half-demon, black witch and devoted mother — has been dead for three years. She has a great house, an interesting love life and can’t be killed again — which comes in handy when you’ve made as many enemies as Eve. Yes, the afterlife isn’t too bad — all she needs to do is find a way to communicate with her daughter, Savannah, and she’ll be happy.But fate — or more exactly, the Fates — have other plans. Eve owes them a favor, and they’ve just called it in. An evil spirit called the Nix has escaped from hell. She feeds on chaos and death, and is very good at persuading people to kill for her. The Fates want Eve to hunt her down before she does any more damage, but the Nix is a dangerous enemy — previous hunters have been driven insane in the process. As if that’s not problem enough, the only way to stop her is with an angel’s sword. And Eve is no angel. . . .

My Review:
So she did it again. 
After reading the second volume in the Otherworld-series, Stolen, I admired how Kelley Armstrong opened up her werewolf-world to a whole bunch of other supernatural beings and created completely new possible stories; I thought it couldn’t get any better when it comes to worldbuilding. 
Well, I was wrong. (Never underestimate a great author!) With Haunted, she even opens up the Otherworld to afterlife-stories, and again the addition is great. With some genuine ancient lore woven in (Fates, Persephone/ Demeter), she created even another layer to an already enthralling world. 
Very, very well done! Eve is the narrator of Haunted, and I admire how KA narrates stories in other voices than just that of one heroine: You can tell Elena from Paige from Eve without any difficulties. 
Personally, I like Eve a little more than Paige; I like how she walks the line between light and shadow, and her romantic relationship has another flavor than that of Elena-Clay and Paige-Lucas: It is more mature, and it is great to see how she grows with and into it. 

Good solid story, well plotted, nice climax, entertaining and well written as usual. 

Also some great new protagonists I hope to hear more of: I like Trsiel quite a lot and hope to read more about him, Jaime again (she will get her stories in volumes to come), and there is this guard on the ship (if you read the scene you’ll know what I mean) that got me thinking about some minor prot from one of the former volumes, and when I was through with the scene, my eyes where as big as dishes: Could that be…?! Is that possible…???!!! Please?? PLEASE????? *panting* 

After Bitten and Industrial Magic, the next favorite in the Otherworld-series. Well, Bitten is the best, Elena’s my favorite, and since Broken, the next volume, is also about her and smiling at me from my Kindle, I am sure you understand I can’t be bothered with any more reviewing, 

I suggest you read the other volumes first; this one’s a standalone, but you will get much more out of it when you know the whole story and get the cross-references. 
Highly, highly recommended. 

-Kathy @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime


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