Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld #3) by Kelley Armstrong

19 May

Dime Store Magic  (Women of the Otherworld, #3)

Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld #3)

Rating: 5/5
Dime Store Magic  (Women of the Otherworld, #3)


Paige Winterbourne was always either too young or too rebellious to succeed her mother as leader of one of the world’s most powerful elite organizations- the American Coven of Witches. Now that she is twenty-three and her mother is dead, the Elders can no longer deny her. But even Paige’s wildest antics can’t hold a candle to those of her new charge- an orphan who is all too willing to use her budding powers for evil… and evil is all too willing to claim her. For this girl is being pursued by a dark faction of the supernatural underworld. They are a vicious group who will do anything to woo the young, malleable, and extremely powerful neophyte, including commit murder- and frame Paige for the crime. It’s an initiation into adulthood, womanhood, and the brutal side of magic that Paige will have to do everything within her power to make sure they both survive.
My Thoughts:
If you have not read the first two books in the Women of the Underworld series, I would suggest not reading any farther! If you would like to read more of my reviews, check out my book review blog,Bookerella Review: Dime Store Magic is book #3 in the Women of the Otherworld series. When I picked up this book, I was kind of disappointed.
The first two books, Bitten and Stolen centered around Elena, who is the only female werewolf. I love Elena and her story, so when I noticed this book revolved around Paige Winterbourne I wasn’t sure I would like it. I didn’t really care for Paige’s character much in Stolen (which is where she made her first appearance). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! Paige is extremely witty and clever; maybe not the most talented witch in the Coven, but certainly determined and dedicated to her witch heritage and doing right by the Coven. She is trying to adjust to suddenly being thrust into the role of being Coven leader after her mother’s death.
On top of that she is caring for Savannah, a teenage girl who lost her mom and is starting to come into her witch powers. As if all that isn’t enough, a man who claims to be Savannah’s father is trying to take custody away from Paige, and she is certain that it is for purely malevolent reasons. Especially since the half-demon Leah is smack dab in the middle of the controversy. Paige shows a lot of strength and she never gives up, even when it would obviously be easier to just throw in the towel. So many forces are working against her, but with the help of her friends she battles back. We didn’t get to know Savannah very well in the last book and at that time she seemed kind of meek and very young. We definitely get to see another side of her in Dime Store Magic; she is extremely confident, both in her magical abilities and in herself. She has a very snarky attitude, but is wise beyond her years. At times you forget that she is barely a teenager; her circumstances have definitely made her grow up quickly. I really enjoyed Lucas Cortez, a new character introduced initially as Paige’s lawyer. Well, after much persuasion because Lucas is a sorcerer and Paige doesn’t want anything to do with him for quite a while. Even though she was suspicious, I loved him from the beginning! He is very caring, compassionate, and willing to go to any lengths to help Paige out. He isn’t described as being incredibly hunky or strong, but he still makes you swoon because he comes off as such a nice guy. 
And guess what, there’s even a little bit of romance in this one. Go Paige! It definitely wasn’t a focal point of the book but it was a nice touch (and let’s face it, it was nice to see Paige have some happiness after everything that happens to her!). 
If you like books about witches, I think you will definitely enjoy this one! It has a bit of a different approach to witches and sorcerers. Normally you would assume them to be male/female counterparts, but in this series they are two different races. The sorcerers are also considered to be much more powerful than witches, and the two do not get along well AT ALL. Also, all witches must have a ceremony performed when the first get their period; if they skip this step, they will never receive their full powers. 
Sometimes when authors have a series and go back and forth between characters it really irritates me. Especially if I really like one character, and despise the others. However, Kelley Armstrong is such an incredible writer, it was impossible for me NOT to love Paige and the rest of the characters in this book. I will still be happy to be reunited with Elena and Clay in future books, but I’m looking forward to reading more about Paige as well! 
-Kathy @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

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