Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule

03 May

Immortal Eclipse

Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule

Paperback, 1, 360 pages
Published April 19th 2013 by Moonlight Publishing, Inc.
Rating:5/5 stars
Immortal Eclipse

MYSTERY, MURDER, MANOLO BLAHNIKA devoted fashionata and practical New Yorker, Skylar Blackwell doesn’t believe in the supernatural—until she inherits Summerwind Mansion. . . .

When her uncle is brutally murdered, and the cops seem uninterested in following up the case, Skylar journeys to California to seek answers. Her search for clues is soon overshadowed by haunting nightmares of a young woman also murdered in the house.Now the inhabitants of Summerwind are mysteriously dying, leaving no evidence as to how or why, and Skylar finds herself in a deadly race against time to expose the killer—before they strike again.Armed with only with and Pradas, Skylar begins questioning the servants, but the growing list of suspects includes the sexy and brooding caretaker, Dorian Delacroix, a man desperately trying to forget his tragic past. And a major distraction for Skylar.Determined to play detective—instead of the fashion police—and unravel the dark history of the mansion, Skylar is plunged into an otherworldly mystery that not even she can explain away. As the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, Skylar’s greatest challenge is to stay alive long enough to learn the truth.


**ARC was provided by the Author for an honest review**

Upon reading the synopsis of this book, I didn’t know if this book would be humorous, action-packed, or mysterious. But as soon as i started reading the novel I was hooked! Immortal Eclipse is an action-packed, character driven novel that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps!

The main character is Skylar Blackwell. She was a fantastic protagonist, interesting to read about, she is kick ass, witty, and quite the fashonista! Her character in a sense made the book come alive, especially when she arrives at Summerwind Mansion. Her interactions with the mansion’s staff really make this novel shine. There is definitely something sinister going on at Summerwind and Skylar is determined to get to the bottom of things, no matter what. Underneath all that love of material things, she really was a compassionate person; her family meant the world to her.Dorian!!! 🙂 A very intriguing character and Skylar’s love interest. But he kept pushing her away. However in the end I understand why he did the things he did.

I loved this book, it was really good, the story-line is captivating and you wont be able to put the book down! I really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it to people in the mood for a paranormal mystery with a creepy haunted house feel and If you are looking for a gripping tale of action, romance, loss, and all things that go bump-in-the-night, then this is the book for you!!

-Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime


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3 responses to “Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule

  1. Fashionable Booklover

    May 4, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for sharing your opinions about this novel. It’s a wonderful review. I read IMMORTAL ECLIPSE and really enjoyed it. So good that I finished it in 3 days. I liked the author’s exceptional blend of murder mystery, supernatural scares, and chick-lit.

  2. sherrysoule

    May 3, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to review my newest novel, IMMORTAL ECLIPSE. The review is thoughtful and well-written. I hope other booklovers are interested in reading my new novel, too. 😀
    Happy reading,


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