Teaser Tuesday (#15)

23 Apr

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ana Carter, and Cassandra Livingston, atSo Many Books So Little Time. Anyone can do it.  All you have to do is: (1): Grab your current read. (2): Open it to a random page. (3): Share 1 or 2 “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS!! (4): Make sure you also mention the author and title.

The Legend of the Blue Eyes

The Legend of the Blue Eyes


Everyone seems a bit talkative today,” Lord Randolph said loudly, as the sacrifice approached the top stairs. “I understand I’m causing a bit of confusion by beginning this early, but I figured that since my granddaughter actually turned last night, it would be alright.” The crowd burst into more conversations. Arianna tried to listen to everyone, but the fear growing on the fake Arianna’s face caught her attention. “Since she didn’t finish the transformation last night, I figure we can finish it now.”

The fake Arianna began to back away from Lord Randolph on the platform. “Don’t be scared, dear,” he said kindly, though Arianna could feel the wickedness in his voice.

“Everything has been prepared, just how you asked.” Lord Randolph stepped down to the hooded person and untied the cape around her neck. 

At the same moment, as the sacrifice’s face was finally revealed, Arianna finally knew where the scent was from. Breaking from Devin’s grasp, Arianna pushed her way through the crowd to the staircase. Hurrying to her aunt at the top of the stairs, Arianna tried to climb two stairs at a time.


Hey girls,” Chris said, walking over to them.

Great job,” Mary Ellen added, smiling sweetly at the large guy towering over the three girls.

Hey, we couldn’t disappoint when we had such cute fans,” Chris responded.

Who are you calling cute?” Turner asked, hitting Chris up for a high-five.

The youngest Winter son,” Chris added, smiling at Turner. “Are you hanging around? We could always use another guard.”

I think we head back in a couple days. Sorry man,” Turner added. “Not technically enrolled here.”

Too bad. I heard you’re pretty good,” Chris replied and Turner shrugged. “So, is it true?” Turner smiled in response to the vague question. “Man, you royalty always get the good ones.” Arianna turned a brighter shade of red, knowing they were talking about her.

“This is sort of embarrassing, but would you mind coming to meet my parents?” Chris asked, turning to Arianna. “They’re seated up towards the top in the parent’s section.” Arianna looked around the room. Devin was in the corner near the door.


Come here,” Devin said gently to Arianna, who stared at him from across the bed.

No,” she replied with a pout. “You’re going to be nice to me now, and then later you’ll just be mean again. I’m sick of being confused by all of this. I want to go back home to Aunt Lilly and Uncle Dean where everything is less confusing. Where I can be a normal teenager.”

I’m sorry,” Devin replied quietly. “I don’t mean to confuse you. I just don’t know how to handle it myself.”

I can tell Turner is as confused as you are at times, but he’s never mean to me,” Arianna responded. “Why are you?”

I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings, but I needed you to get closer to Turner,” Devin replied.


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