Jealousy (Strange Angels #3) by Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow

11 Apr
Jealousy (Strange Angels, #3)
Jealousy (Strange Angels #3) by Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow
Paperback, 316 pages
Published July 29th 2010 by Razorbill
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Dru Anderson might finally be safe. She’s at the largest Schola on the continent, and beginning to learn what it means to be svetocha—half vampire, half human, and all deadly. If she survives her training, she will be able to take her place in the Order, holding back the vampires and protecting the oblivious normal people.But a web of lies and betrayals is still closing around her, just when she thinks she can relax a little. Her mentor Christophe is missing, her almost-boyfriend is acting weird, and the bodyguards she’s been assigned seem to know much more than they should. And then there’s the vampire attacks, the strange nightly visits, and the looks everyone keeps giving her. As if she should know something.

Or as if she’s in danger.

Someone high up in the Order is a traitor. They want Dru dead—but first, they want to know what she remembers of the night her mother died. Dru doesn’t want to remember, but it looks like she might have to—especially since once Christophe returns, he’ll be on trial for his life, and the only person who can save him is Dru.

The problem is, once she remembers everything, she may not want to…

This book was incredible! The best in the series so far! From the minute I started reading, I was hooked. Unlike the previous book where I felt nothing really happened at times, this book was full speed the entire time. There was always something happening, something to keep me interested. The plot was exciting and a lot happened over the course of the book. We learn more about just what Dru is as a svetocha, and Christophe’s history with Dru’s mum. There was always a question hanging over my head that I had to know the answer to. 
It was good to see all my fave characters back. Dru, Graves and Christophe obviously returned, but also Ash, Dibs and Shanks were all there and it was good to see them. I liked the inclusion of a lot of new characters and I found myself liking Leon and Benjamin. Oh, I did not like Anna. What a b**** (excuse my language) and I’m glad the Order saw her for what she truly was in the end. 
I think Dru went through a lot in this book, and over all she handled herself very well. She didn’t let it get to her at times when I expected she would. She seems to be becoming stronger and I like that. I will admit that out of all the series’ I’ve read where there is a love triangle involved, this is the one where I have the most difficulty picking a team. Both are really great guys and seem to care about Dru sooo much. Graves is such a great guy, he’s really starting to shape up and come into his own, and it’s obvious that he really cares for Dru but Christophe is so…..Christophe. There’s just something about him that’s so hot, and compelling and if I’m honest I’m leaning more towards him. Like Dru mentioned in the book Graves is perfect boyfriend material, and while Christophe well…isn’t exactly normal in those regards, his connection with Dru seems to be deeper. I mean Dru’s friendship with Graves is so strong, they seem to know each other better than almost anyone, but when it comes to Christophe they click in an entirely different way. I loved how he’s so caring when it comes to her, and protective. I don’t doubt he’d do anything for her.

Towards the end of this book, I was absolutely blown away. During the trial when the secrets about Anna came out I was shocked to see just how heartless she truly is. I mean I knew she was cruel and nasty, but I never realised how much. 
When Anna started shooting Dru and Christophe protected her with his own body and then gave her his blood, I was gapping. I literally gasped at that part! It shows how much he cares about her. Dare I say it……. I think perhaps he may love her, even if he doesn’t realise it. I mean, you don’t risk yourself like he did for someone who doesn’t mean a lot to you. 

The way the book ended left me hanging on. I’m soooo desperate to know if Dru is going to be able to save Graves from Sergej and just what’s gonna happen now that’s she’s the head of the Order.

-Shannon @ SoManyBooksSoLittleTime



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