Exposed (Just One Night #2) by Kyra Davis

Exposed (Just One Night, Part 2)

Exposed (Just One Night #2)

ebook, 128 pages
Published March 18th 2013 by Pocket Star
Rating:5/5 Stars
Exposed (Just One Night, Part 2)


Part 2 of the Just One Night series. One passionate night with a stranger turned Kasie’s world upside down, and just when she thought she was getting the hang of things, her fiancé finds out… 

You should sleep with a stranger —those words whispered in her ear by her best friend became a challenge Kasie took to heart. Suddenly, the man who gave her the most shocking pleasure in that upscale Vegas hotel —a man whose name she never bothered to find out —is her company’s biggest client.

As this unknown man becomes Mr. Dade at the office, and Mr. Dade becomes Robert in the bedroom, Kasie’s passion won’t let her deny him anything he wants. But when her fiancé, Dave, finds out, there’s no telling what he will do to keep her, or what Robert will do to steal her away once and for all.


**ARC was provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review**
There is sooooo much going on here it’s crazy!
So this novel started off where the first novel ended when Kasie’s boyfriend Dave has discovered her infidelity and she has returned to him. She has flown too close to the intense brilliance of the sun that is Robert Dade, her wings are severely burnt and now Dave has returned her to the gilded cage she found so constricting before and he holds all the cards. He uses emotional blackmail to force her to stay and his anger verges on abuse. She is trapped, saddened, and imprisoned – only her mind is soaring free as she indulges in a rich fantasy world involving Robert Dade and everything he can do to her to make her body sing.
I admired Kasie’s bravery and intelligence. She did what she needed to do in a classy way, a behavior I can only praise. I just hope she is strong enough to face Robert and not yield to his demands.
Robert surprised me in this book. He is very intense, dominant and sexy in a scary kinda way. I didn’t know he had such a dark side and we get a true glimpse of it before the book ends. I don’t know how I feel about this though. I am sure we will learn more about him in the next book but right now I am still amazed about this new side of him.
The ending of Exposed left me with a feeling of foreboding. It doesn’t have the sexually-charged romance between Kasie and Robert dominating the storyline like part one. The ugliness of betrayal and revenge casts a dark shadow in this book. This is a story about revenge and power. Everything is how to one up the other. But by the end you see who holds everyone’s cards. This book did not go the way I thought it would. I cannot even predict where part three will take us and leave us. I’m still absolutely captivated by the writing style and this is definitely very edgy erotic romance, although there’s not actually much in the way of romance in this one. It’s most definitely a bit of a departure from the path most erotic romances take and I think it’s safe to say that part two is NOT going to be what you expect!
I am eagerly awaiting the third installment!!

Book 3:

Binding Agreement (Just One Night, Part 3)

Binding Agreement (Just One Night, Part 3)    


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-Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

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