Honor and Obey (Honor #3) by Teresa Mummert

23 Mar

Honor and Obey (Honor Series #3)

Honor and Obey (Honor #3)

256 pages
Rating:5/5 Stars


There are two sides to every story.
**Paperback : 256 pages**

Book three in the Honor Series

Emma has found the love of her life, but his dark secrets could change everything. With a horrible accident and the loss of another loved one, the student must become the teacher. As secrets begin to unravel, will she be able to look passed them or will she have to leave William and start life new again?


I’m just going to say it out right…I might include spoilers in this review so if you haven’t read it be warned.

Ok with that being said….holy crap!! I mean this book had a little bit of everything, love, anger, heartbreak. The book flowed beautifully from the last one to this so it didn’t leave you wondering if you missed anything. Reading this I wish I could have gone back and NOT read Honor thy teacher so I could be blissfully naive, however I didn’t so now I found myself second guessing EVERYTHING William did. But then again maybe that is what Teresa wants us to do 😛

When Emma wanted William to meet her Aunt I was like oh crap how is he going to get out of this, and then bam all of a sudden he has an emergency meeting with his lawyer and is gone for hours???? What are you up to Mr. Honor? Hmmmmm….. Then the issue with her Aunt I was like oh no!!!! PLEASE tell me he didn’t have anything to do with it. Of course the way he cared for her afterwords was sweet. You could feel the way he loved her. I never once second guessed it.

Eh the funeral was hard. William’s actions really made me second guess everything he did up to that point. It was just how distant he was. However the scene with Allison.. Really why the he was he thinking?? I wanted to smack the shit out of him. I mean yes the way that he pushed her hands away from him clearly showed he wasn’t interested but seriously could he not have picked a worse place. The accident was horrible and when William woke up and immediately told her to call him Will, I was like SHIT! However again because I’ve read his point of view and had a dose of his thinkings, I can’t help but think is this real, does he really not remember anything. Honestly I want to believe that he did not remember anything when he woke up initially. However I still have that nagging feeling that it’s all a ploy. He could tell Emma was going to leave him, so this is his way of keeping her close.

Maybe he did forget and got his memory back too. I mean how can he be completely obsessed with her and need to be near her when she left him and refuse to speak to him. And the fact that he remembers pretty much everything else.

Last but not least…I wanted to fist pump the air..yes I said fist pump the air watching Emma blossom. I LOVED her being dominant. Watching her with William I was awesome. Maybe it’s What they both need. I guess we will need to wait now until the next one to answer all the questions and really see what is going on. Well done Teresa.

-Ana @ SoManyBooksSoLittleTime




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