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Bed of Roses (Bride Quartet #2) by Nora Roberts

Bed of Roses (Bride Quartet, #2)
Bed of Roses (Bride Quartet #2)
by Nora Roberts
Trade Paperback, 335 pages
Published October 27th 2009 by Berkley Trade
View our feature on The Bride Quartet by Nora RobertsLove blooms in the second novel in Nora Roberts’s celebrated Bride Quartet series.As little girls MacKensie, Emma, Laurel, and Parker spent hours acting out their perfect make believe “I do” moments. Years later their fantasies become reality when they start their own wedding planning company to make every woman’s dream day come true. With perfect flowers, delicious desserts, and joyful moments captured on film, Nora Roberts’s Bride Quartet shares each woman’s emotionally magical journey to romance.In Bed of Roses, florist Emma Grant is finding career success with her friends at Vows wedding planning company, and her love life appears to be thriving. Though men swarm around her, she still hasn’t found Mr. Right. And the last place she’s looking is right under her nose.But that’s just where Jack Cooke is. He’s so close to the women of Vows that he’s practically family, but the architect has begun to admit to himself that his feelings for Emma have developed into much more than friendship. When Emma returns his passion—kiss for blistering kiss—they must trust in their history…and in their hearts.

Classic love and formulaic romance is in the air, gardens and between friends in Bed of Roses, Nora Roberts’s follow up novel to A Vision in White in the Bride Quartet series.The notion of romance is sweeter than romance itself for Vows florist, Emmaline Grant. A notion that is too sweet, unblemished and on the far end of the reality spectrum. Of all the ladies of Vows, she places the most faith in finding the sort of romance that most people only dream about dreaming about. Substantiating her belief is her own parent’s love story, both picture-perfect and lasting, coupled with her work in the wedding business where she engineers the perfect day for couples everyday.Then there is Jack Cooke, the architect and such close friends of Emma and her friends, he is regarded as their brother. Though an attraction exist between Emma and Jack, as honorary brother, it is never acknowledged and acted on. That is until a series of events changes that. When run-ins lead to conversations, which turn into concrete plans, before they realize it, Emma and Jack are on the brink of a whirl-wind romance.As the undercurrents of their as a friend with a potential for more love surface and their relationship begin to blossom, so do their characters. The formula for romance that has been tried, tested and stays true. Emma is the romance-struck girl meet Jack, the commitment-phobia, steer clear of romance type of man. As Emma and Jack discover new things about each other, they also find a middle ground in how they define, express, and solidify their relationship.No love is truer than one that has been tested. The thorn in their relationship is communication. There are a lot of needs, wants, and idealizations projected by Emma onto Jack, who is both clueless and consciously wary stemming from experience with his parents’ less than perfect marriage. Where Emma is clear on what she wants and very in the moment of showing on she feels, Jack is more cautious and reflective on these things.

Though formulaic, love and romance is still sweet and sweeter when it is shared with families and friends. Through it all they are there for Emma just like her work plays a dominant role in her life. Emma’s work and life of florist is mentioned in abundance that can at times overwhelm and take away from the story.


Of course, no cliche would remain true without the perfect ending, the too-soon marriage proposal complete with a dance in the moonlight. It may be true that a woman can never get enough of romance but this story is cutting it close. Then again where love is concerned, we can forgive a lack of originality (perhaps, that is where all those flowers descriptions attempt to cover), and preditability and just savour in the feel good moment that is love.

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-Cassandra @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

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