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Forbidden Fruit by Eden Bradley

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

Paperback, 227 pages
Published October 28th 2008 by Delta (first published October 22nd 2008)
ISBN 0553385119 (ISBN13: 9780553385113)
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Forbidden Fruit



If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey . . . get ready to tasteForbidden Fruit.

For university professor Mia Rose Curry, it was all academic: her course in alternative sexuality was a safe, socially acceptable way for her to talk about the things she desired most—but had never let herself experience. And while students crammed into her class to learn about fetishes, bondage, voyeurism, and much more, Mia kept her own raging desires, and her most private fantasies, carefully under wraps . . . until one man dared to make her secret passions a brazen reality.

Jagger James is everything Mia wants, and everything taboo: he’s gorgeous, daring—and a student. Yet Mia can’t help imagining his hands, his lips, his skin . . . all the while drawing closer and closer to this forbidden fruit. She soon discovers how much Jagger wants her, demanding that she abandon every inhibition with him. Now they are about to take a dangerous step, tempting each other’s flesh, savoring every touch and breaking every rule—knowing that this dazzling sensual feast is only a taste of something more to come. . .


Professor Mia Rose teaches an Alternative Sexuality course at a university. She instructs others about the many different ways of exploring sexual fetishes. Little do her students know, she has a fetish herself. Food. Food for Mia Rose is a sensual, erotic, aphrodisiac. She loves watching it be prepared. The tastes…the textures on her palate…she loves everything about it.

Jagger James is a 26 year old student in her class. Even though he is only 26, he is very wise for his age. Jagger charms Mia Rose from the very first day they meet. When she finds out he was once a chef, she goes weak in the knees.

I really really really loved Jagger. I was so moved by his love and feelings for Mia Rose. He didn’t hide them at all, but instead he accepted his feelings with open arms. He tried to be around her every moment he could. I think it’s uncommon to see the male in a romance/erotic novel embrace his feelings. Men usually run towards the opposite direction. But Jagger didn’t. He knew of her fetish because he had one as well. I knew from the beginning how he felt and I really enjoyed reading about his emotions and his thoughts. Mia Rose, on the other hand, fought the chemistry between them because of the no-teacher-student-relationship thing. It wasn’t easy for her, he made her blood simmer. And when she saw him cook (in a kitchen that I really want!) she nearly turned into a puddle of pudding on the floor.

This is a fascinating eye-opening book. I never knew fetishes were this complex until I read this book. It’s much more than you could imagine… more to the “how” and “why” it happens. Ms. Bradley was able to delve deep into the psychology of her fetish and really bring her sexual fantasy to the surface. She was able to really get inside my mind and allow me to relate to it, while keeping me entertained with an erotic story. I’ve never read a book where the heroine is older than the hero. This was another first for me. Hmm…I seem to have a lot of firsts with Eden’s books. Ms. Bradley made food sexy…very sexy….and stimulating to read. This is a great book. Truly a book that I loved. I recommend it to all as a “must-read” for anyone seeking an erotic romance with a slight change of pace.

-Cassandra @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

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