Sparks by Cathryn Louis



Kindle Edition
Published October 22nd 2012 by BookBaby
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


High-rise condo. Makes millions with her laptop. ‘A’ lister. She really knows how to live…or die.

Gabrielle Winston is sure that overcoming a broken heart is her biggest problem until she makes a series of discoveries that threaten to cure her heartbreak by ending her life.

Jarin San Chapelle, a successful artist and corporate executive, has stopped looking for ‘the one’ but then unexpectedly finds her just in time for danger to separate them.

Sparks fly–and someone gets burned.


***This copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***

What would you do if you knew an economic meltdown was eminent? Gabrielle Winston is a computer genius who finds herself in the middle of a brewing financial disaster. She developed a “killer” financial analysis application (she calls it Sparks) that predicts that the bond market is due to collapse. It will drag the stock market down too. What should she do?

In this story Sparks predicts the meltdown. Now Gabrielle must warn her company and accept reprimands for using her program to run the analysis using restricted information. Gabby doesn’t know there’s a mole inside the company working for their enemy–a malicious businessman who plans to wreck the family he’s grown up hating. Gabby becomes a target as she tries to help her company survive the impending financial disaster. Love sneaks into the picture when Gabrielle meets a handsome artist/company executive. Afraid to trust her heart, Gabby fights the attraction.

SPARKS is a fun, fast-paced story filled with love, intrigue, interesting characters, and danger. Sparks fly as Gabby attempts to do the right thing. More sparks fly as one of her friends attempts to steal her program–with orders to kill her if necessary. Can Gabrielle survive and build a new future with the man she loves? Buy this book and prepare yourself for a roller coaster techno-thrilling ride. It’s worth taking.

-Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

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