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Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers #1) by Gina Gordon

Recipe for Satisfaction

Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers #1)

Kindle Edition, 273 pages
Published January 1st 2013 by Entangled Publishing
Rating:5/5 Stars
Recipe for Satisfaction



Being the financial caretaker for her deadbeat parents isn’t the life professional organizer Sterling Andrews dreamed of. Tired of being the dependable—and boring—daughter, Sterling decides to have a little fun. And what could be more fun than seducing rich bad boy chef, Jack Vaughn? Except, after one scintillating night together, Sterling’s not only lusting for Jack, she’s working for him. And remaining professional becomes harder every day.

Already a major success thanks to his exclusive restaurants, Jack Vaughn is looking for something more. Ultra responsible Sterling is unlike anyone Jack has met…but she’s his employee. Unwilling to give her up, Jack makes Sterling an offer she can’t refuse—for four sexy weekends, he’ll indulge her most wicked fantasies with no professional strings attached. But will mixing business with pleasure spell disaster? Or will they find the recipe for satisfaction?



***This copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***

I absolutely love this book. The love story between Sterling and Jack was heartwarming.

The main character simply made me feel all her emotions as if it were mine. Starling is the woman whom you might only find at the kind of party that brings all your good manners to the surface. She seems stilled, classy and with a lot of assets to show. She has those killer long-legs you always have fantasized about even if you are a girl. She is the beauty you want to find for every single beast you might find. She is also hard-working and always knows how to make you smile. I loved her because even though she is all those from above, she also has all the insecurities a woman has: she sees herself as any other woman, she has her own big problems and she falls for the best beast for herself.

Jack Madewood is strong, tall; sex-on-a-stick kind of guy whom might have has already slept with half the population from the globe. He is the bad-tattooed-awesome-boy you want to find for yourself, to drag you out of your shell and make you scream because of all the pleasure he can provide you with!

The story keeps evolving around some sort of bet the both of them finally get to put together and from here on is all about the fantasies, dreams and beauty. They learn how to explore each other as if it is the most important thing in the world and maybe it is!
But what is going to happen when the one nightstand tens to repeat itself for more than one occasion and it ends up bringing to their casual relationship the only feeling they both might not want; love.

I loved this book! I loved it from the start. The way that let me connect with the characters, the idea of such passion making my skin crawl! Loved it!

I am recommending it to any one! Ready or not this book will smash you world upside-down making you believe in everything you might have thought might be just a lie.

-Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime


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Waiting on Wednesday: Apollyon (Covenant #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Waiting on Wednesday

This is a weekly event hosted by Crystal Walker, Ana Carter, Shannon Medeiros, Cassandra Livingston, Chennel Lee, and Sophia Carter that spotlites upcoming new releases that we’re highly anticipating.

This week’s pre-publication “can’t-wait-to-read” selection is:


Apollyon (Covenant #4)

Expected publication: April 9th 2013 by Spencer Hill Press (first published 2013)

What are you waiting on?

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Spells (Wings #2) by Aprilynne Pike

Spells (Wings, #2)

Spells (Wings #2)

Hardcover, 1st Edition, 359 pages
Published May 4th 2010 by HarperTeen
Rating: 5/5 stars

“I can’t just storm in and proclaim my intentions. I can’t ‘steal’ you away. I just have to wait and hope that, someday, you’ll ask,” Tamani said.”And if I don’t?” Laurel said, her voice barely above a whisper.“Then I guess I’ll be waiting forever.”

Although Laurel has come to accept her true identity as a faerie, she refuses to turn her back on her human life – and especially her boyfriend, David – to return to the faerie world.

But when she is summoned to Avalon, Laurel’s feelings for the charismatic faerie sentry Tamani are undeniable. She is forced to make a choice – a choice that could break her heart.

In the sequel to Wings, a year has passed for Laurel who found out that she was a faerie. Although she completely accepts who and what she is, she refuses to turn her back on the life that she has always known, her life with human parents and friends. This is causing a few problems in Avalon as Laurel really needs to learn what it means to be a real faerie and Tamani begins to show his true feelings.After spending the summer relearning her magic in Avalon, Laurel knows she cannot hide her feelings for Tamani but actually choosing between him and David could mean losing one of them for good. Laurel also knew that the troll problem wasn’t completely gone but she thought that she and David were being protected. Her magic hasn’t been going very well so far but it could save both the human and faerie world if she can finally get something right.
As I said in my review of Wings, I couldn’t wait to start on this book and I ended up reading it in one sitting. The story was both interesting and exciting at different times which was helped by the mix of settings throughout. I really liked how the book was pretty much split in two. The first half seems to be more about knowledge and explanations while the second half is all about adventure and excitement. I know this could seem like there is just a slow build up but there was enough going on for me to stay interested.With Laurel heading off to Avalon for the summer, we get to find out a lot more about her relationship with Tamani and what happened between them before they erased Laurel’s memory. I loved hearing about their past, meeting Tamani’s family which gave me a bigger insight into his character and what the other faeries thought about the relationship. I was hoping for some of this in Wings but I’m glad it was saved for this book as it was possible for certain things to be explored more thoroughly. The time in Avalon was lovely to read about as Pike’s descriptions were magical in themselves. I truly felt like I was walking through the different areas and could understand the faerie hierarchy better because of this.
It is stated in Wings that Laurel was sent to live with humans for a reason but it is never specified and the same goes for this book. It’s obvious that she is much more important than anyone is letting on which is easily seen by how others act around her or look at her when she is in Avalon. I’m hoping that this part of the story is cleared up in book 3 instead of making readers wait until the very last instalment to find out what is really going on.In both Wings and Spells, I felt that the chemistry between Laurel and David was lacking but this wasn’t the case with her and Tamani. While Laurel is unsure about who she should be with, it is clear to me that she is extremely drawn to Tamani and nothing seems to get rid of the feelings she has for him. The small amount of time that they actually spend together proves that there is so much chemistry and could be passion between the two. I’m personally routing for Tamani to get the girl.
The very last chapter sees Laurel finally making a choice between David and Tamani and for me, the most exciting in the book. The way the story was left made me want more immediately because I am dying to know what happens next. Just when I though things were finalised, the very last paragraph changed everything. Luckily, there are going to be a total of 4 books in this series and I know I will be buying #3 as soon as it is released.

All of the main characters really come into their own in Spells. I hate to see characters left with hardly any development but everyone changed enough to convince me that they were real, with the events of both books taking a toll on their lives. It seems as though every little thing was taken into account when writing these characters, not leaving any stone unturned when it came to what they were feeling about everything.
Not only does this book explore the relationships between Laurel, David and Tamani but also her relationship with her parents. I felt like these parts of the book were written so well that I could believe in what was going on. Laurel’s mother and father have different views on their daughter being a faerie and I can see both of their reasons being realistic. It would be only natural to act differently, in both good and bad ways, towards someone you have known for years when they suddenly change.

I loved Wings but I loved Spells even more. There was enough of different aspects in the story to keep it entertaining with a mixture of paces and it made me feel for the characters so much more than the first book. I’m dying to know when book 3 is going to be released. It will be one of my most highly anticipated releases.

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Quote of the Week!! :)

Romance is the sweetening of the soul
With fragrance offered by the stricken heart.

— Wole Soyinka

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Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour #1) by Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1)

Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour #1)

Paperback, 378 pages
Published October 1st 2010 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1)



Five stunning guys, one hot woman, and a feverish romance…

For him, life is all music and no play…

When Brian Sinclair, lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene, loses his creative spark, it will take nights of downright sinful passion to release his pent-up genius…

She’s the one to call the tune…

When sexy psychologist Myrna Evans goes on tour with the Sinners, every boy in the band tries to seduce her. But Brian is the only one she wants to get her hands on…

Then the two lovers’ wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory… and sin..

I recommend this hot sexy read to those of you who like reading novels with a Smutty Bad Boy Rock band, and have no problem with all the crazy sex that happens more often than it should. Hey, no complaints here I love it!
Myrna is speaking at a conference at a snoody hotel when she runs into men she would never have thought she’d see here in a million years — the guys from one of her favorite bands, the Sinners. They’re at the hotel bar drinking and in a moment of spontaneity she decides to approach them. Swallowing down all her fan-girl-esk comments, she gets to talking with the group like a halfway normal person. But the one she has her eye on is the one who just happens to be drunker than hell — Brian. He’s always been her favorite with his magical hands (he’s the lead guitarist). When she invites him up to her room, and he agrees, her life takes a drastic turn for the wild side.

This was fantastic! It is a seriously hot read. There’s a lot of sex in it, but I have to give kudos to Olivia Cunning for keeping it interesting because sometimes too much sex in an erotica novel can get to be boring. But she keeps us on our toes by keeping them kinky on the page! I mean, they try all sorts of things in this book and it keeps the heat factor at dangerous levels.

But let me also say that despite this being loaded with sex, I found myself actually caring about the characters as well. The relationships not only between the hero and heroine, but between the band members was really endearing. You could really feel the love between them as friends. There is also some really sentimental moments with Brian and his dad. And speaking of Brian…that man is one sweetie, I’ll tell you what! But yeah, she has an amazingly good way of mixing the sex with the romance with humor as well. I was surprised that I grew attached to the characters so much! I’m so excited to read about the next books and find out who my boys (yes my boys lol) end up with!

So if you’re into extremely sizzling novels with LOTS of yummy sex, super sexy men who manage to be cute and loveable at the same time, and a bit of humor here and there,then this book is for you. Let me warn you though, you might want to keep a lot of water handy to keep you cooled off during this one!

-Ana @SoManyBooksSoLittleTime


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Wings (Wings #1) by Aprilynne Pike

Wings (Wings, #1)

Wings (Wings #1)

Hardcover, 1st Edition, 290 pages
Published May 5th 2009 by HarperTeen
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Laurel was mesmerized, staring at the pale things with wide eyes. They were terrifyingly beautiful – too beautiful for words.Laurel turned to the mirror again, her eyes on the hovering petals that floated beside her head. They looked almost like wings.

In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.


What an excellent debut that Aprilynne Pike has crafted! I was enthralled with Wings. I picked a paperback of this book up at a local bookstore on a shopping trip. 

I loved Wings from the first page up to the very last sentence. I thought it had amazing narration, as well as being woven with wonderful mythology, amazing description and a very neat take on faeries. 

The amazing description was the first thing that popped out to me. Aprilynne Pike describes everything using wonderful, colourful words. I thought this book had a charming quality of magic. 

But, wow, the take on faeries. Never once, until now, have I come across a faerie world where faeries are referred to as plants. I thought it was actually quite outstanding, and frankly, cool. I mean, I did see things in common with other faerie books, but the things I noticed were all things I loved. The faerie courts are different in each book and same with this one. 

The characters were intriguing, especially Tamani. He was one of my favorites. He was so mysterious, and I’m craving more of him! Whoever starts the Team things, I want to let them know I’m on Team Tamani. Laurel was a great main character. She’s everybody, a very average teenage girl. I can definitely relate to her; I could see that she was more of a reserved person, keeping more to herself, though she loves her friends. I can definitely relate to her, and I’m really glad Aprilynne Pike created such a likeable and relatable character.

As for the plot: I really enjoyed the plot, and the story enfolds well to it. I was not a fan of the end, where they are taken by the trolls. Though the plot does well along the lines of this, I found the scenes with the trolls unclimatic. That’s probably just me, though, because the overall ending was pretty good, and I am excited for more. The trolls were a good thing to add to the mythology, but they weren’t my favourite.
As for the gate to Avalon, I loved the idea. I didn’t get to read much about it, so I hope there will be more about it in Spells, the sequel. I always love the idea of faerie gates or magical gates, and this seemed so mysterious.

Overall, I thought Wings was a very well written, entertaining and charming take on the mythology of the faerie world.

-Shannon @ SoManyBooksSoLittleTime


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Teaser Tuesday (#6)

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ana Carter, and Cassandra Livingston, atSo Many Books So Little Time. Anyone can do it.  All you have to do is: (1): Grab your current read. (2): Open it to a random page. (3): Share 1 or 2 “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS!! (4): Make sure you also mention the author and title.

Forbidden Fruit

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Forbidden Fruit


” ‘Come with me, Mia Rose.’

How much could it really hurt? Just a simple conversation, some coffee, dessert. They would be in a public place with a table between them.

Don’t do it, Mia.

‘ Alright. I’ll go with you. Just … just for the torte.’

‘Great. I have my car, or we can walk.’

“Let’s walk.’

Not safe to be alone in a car with him.  Too dark, too close.  Too much like a couple of high school kids going to park somewhere and make out.”


 “The man had great taste.

Her gaze wondered to one end of the loft where a low bed was set beneath a skylight. It was simple, Zen-like, with its charcoal gray duvet and wooden platform. But it was piled with pillows in gray, black and white. Starkly luxurious and masculine, but sexy.”


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