Vowed (The Vampire Journals #7) by Morgan Rice

15 Aug


Vowed (The Vampire Journals, #7)

Vowed (The Vampire Journals #7)

Kindle Edition
Published December 5th 2011
Rating:3.8/5 stars
In VOWED (Book #7 of the Vampire Journals), Caitlin and Caleb find themselves in medieval Scotland, in 1350, a time of knights and shining armor, of castles and warriors, of the quest for the Holy Grail said to contain the key to true vampire immortality. Landing on the shores of the ancient Isle of Skye, a remote island off the Western coast of Scotland where only the most elite warriors live and train, they are ecstatic to reunite with Sam and Polly, Scarlet and Ruth, a human king and his warriors, and with all of Aiden‘s coven.Before they can continue their mission for the fourth and final key, the time has come for Caleb and Caitlin to wed. Against the most amazing backdrop Caitlin could ever hope for, an elaborate vampire wedding is planned, including all of the ancient rituals and ceremonies that accompany it. It is the wedding of a lifetime, meticulously planned by Polly and the others, and Caitlin and Caleb are happier than they’ve ever been.Simultaneously, Sam and Polly, to their own surprise, are each falling deeply in love with one another. As their relationship accelerates, Sam surprises Polly with a vow of his own. And Polly surprises him with her own shocking news.But all is not well beneath the surface. Blake has appeared again, and his deep love for Caitlin might just threaten her union, on the day before her wedding. Sera has appeared again, too, and vows to break apart what she cannot have.Scarlet, too, finds herself in danger, as the source of her deep powers are revealed-along with the revelation of who are her true parents.Worst of all, Kyle has landed back in time, and has tracked down his old prot g, Rynd, to force him to use his shapeshifting skill to trick and kill Caitlin and her people. As they fall into his elaborate trap, Caitlin and the others find themselves in deeper danger than ever before. It will be a race to find the final key, before everyone Caitlin holds dear is wiped out for good. This time, she will have to make the hardest choices and sacrifices of her life.VOWED is Book #7 in the Vampire Journals (following TURNED, LOVED, BETRAYED, DESTINED, DESIRED and BETROTHED), and yet it also stands alone as a self-contained novel. VOWED is 60,000 words.
Wow…I’m in love with this book. ( I hate having to wait for the next one to come out, I mean come on!)When my wife told me this book came out, I had to read it straight away. At first it made me think of how the series started and to look back I feel like I walked every step with the main characters Celeb and Caitlin.The 7th book packs a punch in the story line, then it comes with a sucker punch that you never see coming. It makes me really want to tell everyone what happens like It literally is bursting to come out.

With the last book I found a new way to read these books which makes it fun. On Every other chapter you get to read from another characters perspective, It was too confusing when it was , Caitlin, Celeb, Sam and Kyle. Now they are all together except for Kyle, I skipped those chapters so I’m totally in the dark just as Caitlin and the rest find out. It adds to the wow impact.

So come chapter 3#+ When action starts you get blown away by whatever evil plan they came up with.

If you want after you read the book like that go back and just read the Kyle’s chapters.

(this trick will only work for book 6 and 7. Book 8 it wont be possible to do this …because of the SUCKER PUNCH plot twist.

It’s great writing by the author.

The only thing that brings the book down, is the bad editing job. There are lots of little errors throughout the book still.

One rough example,
“Cailtin goes to the window to gather her thoughts after the most wonderful night she ever had. She felt Celeb behind her and her soft hands on her shoulders.”

IT should be She felt celeb behind her and HIS soft hands…

many times mid sentences it reoccupied of this type of mistake,it happens often that it can put you off track and make you have to re-read, what you’ve just read just to get the story straight. Otherwise They are doing a lot of strange things to their selves.

on E-book format there is little numbers that mixed in with the letters. I realized this is the page number that should be at the top. However when it does get mixed in it stops you reading key words at times. Stopping you from being able to understand and just have to guess it.


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One response to “Vowed (The Vampire Journals #7) by Morgan Rice

  1. maddy

    October 17, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    i luv this series its so real, vivid


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