Dark Heart Rising (Dark Heart #2) by Lee Monroe

05 Jul
Dark Heart Rising (Dark Heart, #2)

Dark Heart Rising (Dark Heart #2)

by Lee Monroe
390 pages
Published June 2011
ISBN 1444904485 (ISBN13: 9781444904482)
Rating: 5/5 stars
Jane and Luca’s story continues …but not quite as they had planned. When challenges and threats from the immortal world of Nissilum rip the young lovers apart, Jane is bereft. Without Luca’s dancing green eyes, and gentle smile, Jane feels lost, sad and alone.
But then a trip to Paris with her grandmother thrusts her in the path of the amiable Soren – a kindred spirit who may be just the distraction she needs …Meanwhile in Nissilum, Luca struggles with the loyalties and expectations that come with being a part of the immortal world. A world that is about to be shaken at its very core: rumblings of mounting unrest are spreading, and with rumours of an angel rebellion growing no creature is safe — especially not a mortal girl who has fallen in love with a wolf boy…
So far this has been one of the best series I have started reading this year.

Sometimes the second book to a series can be a real let down, and I have read a few sequel let downs before.

This book was just as amazing as the first though. The only downfall I can give it is the amount of spelling mistakes that were riddled through it. I know every book has to have at least one or two mistakes in it but this was excessive. The first book didn’t have barely any mistakes in it, but this one had a mistake on every 5 to 8 pages. I felt sorry for Lee Monroe for that to have happened, I hope a future printing might correct those mistakes, but other than that, this book I found to be flawless.

The romance in this book is not as strong as the first but that is to be expected because of the circumstances. Although it isn’t as strong it is still there, you know that Jane still loves Luca as much as she ever has but she is willing to try to let him go if that is what he wants, because of his family. You also realise just how much Luca is trying to repress his feelings for Jane while he is being put through his arranged marriage to Lila, who does seem sweet if just a little too girly. You know that Luca and Jane’s love is truly strong and deep even though they are apart for the time being. They only rekindled at the end of the book, but I didn’t actually mind that it took until the end for them to get back together and deal with the sacrifices and struggle that they were going to face for the future. I see it as a true love, it is one of the few real types of love that I have read about in a fictional story.

Obviously the parts in this book that strike a nerve is the idea of arranged marriages and doing exactly as your family says you should do. There is no leniency with this subjects, Nissilum is a place where you do as you are told and thats it, it eliminates any need for fighting and disagreements if everyone just does as they are told. I don’t blame Raphael for rebelling against those ideals, they are brought up to believe this way of living but no one is allowed to have any other ideas of how something should be. Raphael might have gone the wrong way about things but he still discovered hidden truths and learnt a new way of doing things. I really would like to think that Lowe gets what is coming to him, he is a pompous character who see’s fit to abide by the rules but bully people and make sure he teaches them a lesson, a lesson that he has no right to dish out. He is by far my least favourite character and seriously needs a reality check. Same with his and Luca’s parents, but then again, that is the way they have known and have been brought up in.

I like that Soren was a new addition to this book, he made for an interesting read and I had a feeling all along that he wasn’t really as he seemed a lot of the time. He had secrets that he wasn’t going to confide in Jane and he did a good job of hiding them. I hope he is in the next book and maybe see something exciting happen with him. 

Overall, I could discuss this book for quite a while but to sum it up, it was amazing. A fantastic sequel and a well rounded story, apart from the numerous spelling/punctuation errors that were made. I know that a series such as this one could get picked at by a lot of people out there, but for me, I found it well written and at times it seemed older than the age group it was probably written for. A definite read and re-read 🙂


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