Royal Blood (Vampire Kisses #6) by Ellen Schreiber

27 May

Royal Blood (Vampire Kisses, #6)

Royal Blood (Vampire Kisses #6)
by Ellen Schreiber
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published May 19th 2009 by HarperTeen
My Rating:5/5
Summer break is over, and it’s time for Raven to return to Dullsville High, ending her romantic nights with vampire boyfriend Alexander. When Raven is invited to meet Alexander’s parents, the next turn of events could change everything, for all eternity.
Alexander’s parents came! Mrs. Sterling and Mr. Constantine. They stayed for a while. Raven finally met them. She was so nervous, she was having a hard time deciding what to wear! I wouldn’t blame her though! =)) Meeting the parents.. whew! pressure. haha! Alexander’s parents liked Raven. They had dinner at the mansion. Raven’s parents invited Alexander’s parents for dinner at their home. I could tell Raven was freaking! Didn’t have much time to prepare. It went well in the end. A few days passed. Alexander’s mood was swinging… because  his parents wanted to sell the mansion and Alexander was not happy about that! Even Raven. So, they thought about plans.
First they came up with the plan.. to spread rumors around town about how gross and smelly it is in the Mansion. So, no one would buy it! It was working fine at first. But Trevor told Raven that his that was buying it! He’s gonna bulldoze the whole thing! So, Raven and Alexander thought of another plan. Alexander would buy the mansion. Since there was an art bidding thing coming. Raven thought that Alexander should enter his paintings. He did. When the event came around. Everyone in Dullsville came. The Auction was selling stuffs from Vases, Glass, Antiques, Paintings, etc. When one of Alexander’s paintings came out. People were in high spirits! Auction was crazy! The prizes were sky rocketing! Each Painting of his was sold for a very high price. Raven and Alexander was sooo happy! Alexander even painted Raven. no one wanted to buy it though at first. but in the end someone did bought it! And it was Trevor! XD haha! Raven even saw it when she went in his room. Btw, They both got an A. on their essay! Raven & Trevor were partners. They had to interview/ask questions about each other! like “What did you wanted to be when you grow up?” , “What career will you have?” those sort of questions. When it was Raven turn to ask Trevor these questions. She didnt. Instead she said she already knew the answers and she really did. Trevor was really surprised! When the day came they had to share these to their classmates… Trevor told the class that when he was a kid.. he wanted to become superman when he grew up! but now he’s grown up! He wanted to be a pro in soccer. which was obvious. When it was Raven turn.. she said really meaningful things to the class like “Not caring what other people want you to be! Just be yourself!” thing. Everyone was quiet and understood her! Trevor and The teacher was really surprised at what Raven said. She got an A for that! 😀

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