Cabel’s Story (Dream Catcher #1.1) by Lisa McMan

18 Apr
Cabel's Story (Dream Catcher, #1.1)
Cabel’s Story (Dream Catcher #1.1)
by Lisa McMan
A free online story by Lisa McMann. A companion to the first Dream Catcher novel, Wake, this is Cabel’s perspective of the field trip that Janie and he took with their English class.
I’m surprised how short this is, and i (as the idiot i am) forgot Lisa McMann’s writing style for a second, and i promise, it was only a second! I totally got back on track and read between the lines and TOTALLY got Cabel’s feelings and reasons for what he does. I am absolutely amazed at the rollercoaster ride she can take me on in 13 pages of reading. This is also the first time i have finished an “eBook” of any way, shape or form (university pdf’s don’t count, they are “compulsory”). Even if it’s only 13 pages, yes i am ashamed, but i love the old fashioned way of holding a book in my hands just too much to let go.This story is short, to the point, and is wonderfully and seamlessly woven into Wakerespective of it’s needed positions and catches up quite a bit of the starting bounces of Cabel’s interactions with Janie. I did actually think that his first non-motivated interaction with Janie was a bit, “Well, wasn’t THAT convenient?” but now i totally see it and is ashamed to have thought otherwise before.

Lisa McMann, you are a genius.

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