The Initiation (The Secret Circle #1-2) by L.J. Smith

31 Mar

The Initiation (The Secret Circle #1)

by L.J. Smith
The Initiation (The Secret Circle, #1)
Rating 5/5 Stars

Cassie must confront a shattering challenge: an ordeal that could cost her life or gain her more than she’s ever imagined…

Charmed by the Secret Circle, she’s initiated into the mysterious “in crowd,” a coven of young witches whose power has controlled New Salem for three hundred years.

Hopelessly in love with the coven leader’s boyfriend, Cassie risks falling prey to dark powers in order to have him. But if she does, her endless love could destroy the coven, New Salem, and her!

The Initiation is about a sixteen year old Cassie Blake who has moved to a new town called New Salem, New England. Cassie and her mother Alexandra move to New Salem to take care of her grandmother who is ill. Cassie’s mother left New Salem a long time ago because of a fire in New Salem that killed a lot of her friends. The parents of Cassie’s new friends.Cassie meets Diana who saves her from Faye and they become fast friends. Diana is a very good and forgiving person. Cassie also meets Adam and they have a very strong connection. Cassie finds out that Adam is Diana’s boyfriend. Adam and Cassie swear on a blood oath to each other that they will never tell Diana or anyone else how they feel because they do not want to hurt Diana. Faye finds out about their feelings for one another and she uses this knowledge against Cassie to get her to do her bidding. Cassie finds out that all of her new friends are witches and that she is a witch too. Cassie is the 13th witch. They are the descendants of the witches of Salem. Cassie and her new group of friends form The Secret Circle.Faye doesn’t like that they joined their circle because now they can’t use their powers individually anymore. To use their powers now they have to have at least one other person from their circle to help them cast spells. The circle believes that this is the best way because of an accident where someone almost died. Faye being the one who caused the accident, she is not a very nice person.

The Initiation is one of the best books about witches that I have read to date. L.J. Smithis one of the best writers ever. She did a fantastic job with The Vampire Diaries but The Secret Circle is way better. Well of course I like to read about witches and vampires so I would like them. But that does not mean that I like all books about witches and vampires though. L.J. Smith knows how to tell a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more of her stories

Faye is still blackmailing Cassie to get her to do things for her. Faye knows about Cassie’s and Adam’s feelings for each other so she is always threatening to tell Diana. Faye wants to be the leader of their coven and she is using Cassie’s secret to get her vote.

They find this crystal skull and form a circle releasing darkness. Every time the skull is used someone is killed. Diana hides the skull in the sand on the beach. Faye wants the skull very bad. So she tells Cassie to get it for her or she will tell Diana about her and Adam. Cassie doesn’t know what to do about Faye. Does she keep doing what Faye wants or does she tell Diana everything? If she tells Diana she will hurt her and this is something she does not want to do but if she keeps doing what Faye ask of her Diana is still getting hurt.

When they vote for the leadership of their coven between Faye and Diana they have a tie. To everyones dismay Cassie votes for Faye breaking the tie and Faye becomes the leader. Cassie runs off down the beach and Adam follows her and tells her he knows that Faye made her do it some how. She kisses him and tells him to go back to the others, she is going back to congratulate their new leader. Faye tells Cassie to get the skull, everyone is surprised that she knows where it is, Diana is the only one that is suppose to know where it is. Faye plans on using the skull to get its power. They go to the cemetery and make a circle to get the skulls power. They only succeed in releasing a dark energy, which is Black John.

They follow Black John to Cassie’s house. They find Cassie’s mom in a daze like a doll and her grandmother laying on the floor with Black John leaning over her. Cassie uses her powers to make Black John leave. Her grandmother tells Cassie that she is a very powerful witch and she is the only one that can get rid of Black John.

Cassie goes outside and sees her circle their, she looks for Faye and tells her it is over. She will not do her biding anymore and that she can tell Diana everything. I think Cassie did this to have everything out in the open and no secrets because this is probably the only way to stop evil. You fight evil with good, I think that is want Cassie was thinking, what she knows. I hope that now Cassie is tired of being The Captive and in the next book The Power that she has woke up and she will becomes the leader that she is. L. J. Smith has a very good imagination which is a good requirement for a writer and can write some great books. I recommend The Captive to any one who loves to read a great book.



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