Fearscape (The devouring #3)

04 Mar
Fearscape (The devouring #3)
by Simon Holt 
Rating; 4/5 stars 

Fearscape (The Devouring, #3)

The final book in the Devouring trilogy. It’s been a year since Reggie first discovered the Vours, and the winter solstice is approaching once again. It will be a night of unspeakable horror, because the Vours have imprisoned Reggie in a psychiatric hospital, where she is subjected to a daily routine of sadistic experiments.
The second book in the trilogy Soulstice left us with Reggie being taken to a mental ward a cliffhanger extraordinaire that had me anxiously awaiting Fearscapes release. 
The Devouring #3: Fearscape is a thrilling page turner that I could not  put down!
Side Note:The Vours.
-The Vours are evil demons that have existed since time began
– They can only take possession of a human body on `Sorry Night’, the night of the winter solstice
– A person who is possessed by a Vour retains all the memories but the person is left in a place called a fearscape.
       -“Fearscapes are unique, landscapes crafted from a victim’s deepest darkest fears. Here the victim would live in torment, while the Vour lived a human life in the human world, with no one the wiser”
       -It turns out that they are highly organized and plan to take over the human race.
In this book, Reggie has moved to an unknown place and is being tortured by the sadistically evil, yet human Dr. Unger. She is forced to go into others fearscapes over again and again. He stay at the facility is a horrible experience and she is withheld food, water and all the basic necessities. She is also forced to endure horrific tests. But, Reggie doesn’t let us down; she endures and she discovers all the torture she’s endured has left her with her own power. A power that many fear and covet. This makes Reggie most wanted by many powerful organizations; alive or dead.
Aaron, her best friend, has been searching for her. He has become aligned with some ex-Tracers who left the rigid organization when they found out there was another way to save those that have been possessed by the Vours other than murder. He has learned to fight, to think like a warrior and is no longer the skinny nerd. His sole mission is to find and save Reggie and he’ll stop at nothing to carry out his plans.
What happens throughout the book is both heartbreaking particularly when Reggie encounters an important loved one from her past, horrifically chilling, and a spine chilling nail-biting page turner.
Reggie has enemies where she least expected; friends where she least expected and an inner strength that she never realized she had. 
The character growth in the book is fantastic; I love how flawlessly the story flows, the vivid descriptions of fearscapes and the depth of the characters personalities. 

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